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Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!!


We made it to 50 followers!! YAY!! Thank you everyone!!

I received my box yesterday from Robyn over at Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diapers.. and I love them! First let me tell you a little about Robyn. She is a  stay at home mama of 5, who loves to cook (and bake, yum!), sew cloth diapers and simple projects, craft, play with her kids, read, blog, camp, and try new things. She is in her thirties, a woman never tells her real age, right? (For the right diaper I would tell you though!! Just Kidding!!) She loves Jesus,her family, her friends and helping others.She is a cloth diapering, baby wearing, sometimes co-sleeping, breastfeeding, Eco-friendly, semi-crunchy mama! And she wouldn’t have it any other way! I snatched this info from her blog What Mama Wants… and the Quest for the Perfect Cloth Diaper. :o) Its a great read for information about cloth diaper, yummy recipes, laughs, and lots of awesome giveaways. Right now she is giving away 3 of her diapers to one of her followers for getting her to over 200 followers!!

Now about the diapers… first off you won’t see these prints in her store, because Robyn graciously converted some of my old receiving blankets and a wool sweater in to the diapers and covers.  We both like to up-cycle! I have to add, that when I measured Baby G for these diapers and covers.. she was not in a very helpful mood and it took three of us to hold her down and measure her. I got the measurements wrong, so a couple of the diapers and the wool longies came out too big, BUT babies grow, and I imagine it won’t be long until they fit just right! Robyn also tucked in a couple surprises for me.. :o) But you will see a lot of other really cute fabric prints. Robyn makes, AIO’s, fitted’s, PUL covers, upcycled wool covers, fleece covers, wipes, pillowcase dresses and more… most of her items she will custom make for you!

I pulled the diapers out of the box, ooohed and ahhed.. and stuck one on Baby G.. yea  yea, I know I am supposed to wash them first.. but I couldn’t wait!! They were so cute! And it was amazing that something that was just sitting around taking up space was now useful again!

The diapers fit snugly, and even though they are fitted’s they are so well padded, I could easily go without a cover during the day. I put one on Baby G last night, with her new wool longies, and she woke up this morning dry, and comfy. This is a baby that does NOT like to be wet, but she was not fussing about her diaper at all! I usually have to change her in the middle of the night, but she did not wake up wet once! These are now my nighttime diapers of choice! Here are a few pics of the diapers..
this is a fleece pull on cover… I love how soft it is, but wish that it had some elastic to help keep it on my super slim baby!

                                                  One of the fitted diapers with snaps..

                                       side view.. NO gaps! Even with those thin thighs!

                rear view.. again no gaps.. and no red marks when we took it off two hours later!

                              This was my surprise.. we have a thing for frogs around here.

                                                          Great fit! No gaps..

                         Tried to get a good rear view.. but Baby G was done being a model! :o)
                                              None of my other kids would volunteer!

            Here she is in her wool longies.. upcycled from a sweater we were given.. They are a little long.. but that was more then likely my fault.. it only took three of us to hold her down to measure her!

                               It stayed on and snug even through the evening play time!

              My whole package minus the longies and the two diapers she wore last  night.. :o)

   The diapers are snug and stay on through climbing over furniture, and trying to steal mom’s          keyboard.. :o)  And the Velcro strong enough she couldn’t pull it off!

                                                                 Nice and snug.. no gaps!

You can order your own Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diapers   here.. or enter to win a PUL diaper cover below..

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Want To Enter To Win An Ergo Performance Baby Carrier?


Then go check out Heavenly Holds Ergo giveaway!! Follow this link.  While  your there look around, they have some pretty cool baby items! I just found out that they will be giving away not ONE but TWO, one original and one performance! More chances to win!!

Be Blessed…

Dibs! Blog..


Here is the link to a blog, that keeps  us informed of awesome giveaways going on in the FaceBook, Blogging world.. so it’s a great site to keep in your sight! Dibs! also posts great information about new products, has giveaways and reviews and it just all around a cool site to browse through. I have learned a lot reading back posts, and laughed a lot.. there is always something fun going on over there.. so head that way and check it out!!  Click here to take a look… Dibs!

Be Blessed…

Robyn Made It To 200 + Followers!!


Robyn over at What Mama Wants… And The Quest For The Perfect Cloth Diaper  has reached 200 + followers. So she is giving away 3, yes 3 diapers from Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diapers to one of her fabulous followers.. that may be me.. or  you! So go to her blog and enter to win! I am awaiting a package of diapers and covers, and a “surprise” from Robyn today, so I will be doing a review of her products and a giveaway of one of her diaper covers when I get to 50 followers.. Good Luck!

I Will Be Doing My First Review And Giveaway SOON!!


I have a sponsor!! Robyn, from Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diapers has graciously decided to help me get going by offering one of her PUL diaper covers. So after I receive the diapers and covers she is sending me, which should be here today,  I will write a review and post the giveaway! Robyn also has a blog at What Mama Wants.. And The Quest For The Perfect Cloth Diaper.  She makes awesomely adorable diapers, covers and wipes. So this is not a giveaway you want to miss!

Be Blessed!

Re-Vamped for Fall!!


I decided to change up the colors on the blog a little in honor of Fall! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. My other favorites are Summer, Spring and Winter! The leaves are changing and even though we seem to be getting Summer weather here now in the mornings and late at night, it feels and smells like Fall. I  love the colors of Fall. I love that it’s cool enough to get cozy with a good book but warm enough to take a hike with the kids without bundling up to the 9th degree or dying from the heat! I love taking pictures of the trees.. and apparently have passed that on to my kids as I discovered several blurry tree pictures on my camera yesterday. I love the seasonal coffee flavors that start to appear this time of year.I love the root veggies that appear this time of year, roasted with a nice pot roast, or tossed in a soup. I just love Fall. Here are a few pictures that I (and one of my kids) took yesterday..

I love the fog on the hill with the sun shining! Isn’t is great.. this picture just doesn’t do justice to what it really looked like!

I think this is one that one of the kids took..My eyesight is bad, but not quite that bad! None of them will fess up because they are NOT supposed to touch my camera! They have their own.

This is just a neat looking tree…

There is a little Fall color..

And a little more…

So.. what do you love about Fall?



No seriously…. you have no idea! I am like, jumping up and down, and yelling through the house, I HAVE MY BUTTON!!! It has been that elusive!! I have been trying for days to get it work, and again my sis-in-law Robyn came to my rescue, with a web site that finally explained it clearly!! With that,  putting the kids to bed, making a cup of coffee and it being quiet enough to think. I got it figured out. Quietness just doesn’t happen around here often. Trust me, I just ended a fight that started because the 10 yr old’s sheet was hanging four inches over the top bunk down toward the 9 yr old’s bunk!

I also now have a title on my blog, and the title picture is no longer larger then the blog itself! Ah, the little things can make a person so happy!

Now, I am so hopped up on happiness and caffeine I may never get to go to sleep!

So PLEASE grab my button and take it to  your blog… at 50 followers I HAVE a sponsored review/giveaway to do, and I can’t wait!! You won’t want to miss it either!