Brrr It’s Cold!!


The nights are getting colder, already the air feels crisp. Fall is on it’s way! I was hoping for a nice Indian Summer, and though we may still get one, it isn’t looking that way! I have to admit though that I am looking forward to seeing the maple trees change color. That is the one thing I miss most about the Applegate Valley, where I grew up. The changing fall leaves. The beautiful reds, and golds… the crisp fall air, that is just cold enough to make you want to be cozy, but not so cold you don’t want to go outside.  I remember the first week or two of school there was always so warm and nice, it really made you hate the fact school had started! While the last week or two of summer break was always rainy or cold!

This morning I woke up to a Popsicle baby! Her little feet were so cold! I put warm fuzzy socks on her last night, thinking maybe the cold had something to do with her waking up so much the night before.. but she pulled them off. Thankfully she only woke up once, and after nursing and a diaper change went back to sleep til about 7 this morning. When I grunted and groaned until finally daddy went and got her for me… I did not want to go out in the cold! I love the hardwood type (linoleum really) floors we have in our new home, so easy to keep clean, but so cold in the A.M.!! Anyway he put her in bed with us, and she immediately tucked her freezing feet up under my shirt! I almost jumped out of the bed! So now I am on a bargain hunt, looking for cheap used but still thick and warm footed jammies. I have one or two pairs, but they are not very thick. And if the temperature already this year is any indication, I may need to find a pair for myself!!

Yesterday my 8 year old daughter and my Hubby went out and picked me a large bowl of blackberries for a dessert cobbler. And I made a Chicken Florentine Lasagna for dinner, with a fresh salad with veggies and lettuce from our farm share. 


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I am a SAHM of 6 kids, and I homeschool, cloth diaper, wear my toddler, used to breastfeed, cook from scratch, not so crunchy mama. Hubs is a chef, and loves to cook. We go to church when we can, and I love to learn new things about how to be a better wife and mother.

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