Remembering 9/11


 9 years ago today, our nation was attacked. Thousands of lives were lost. People all over the world mourned the loss of someone they knew or loved.

I remember, I was getting ready for work, and I flipped on the TV to get a weather report. I remember seeing that second plane crash into the Tower. I remember calling my parents and waking them up, and telling them that AMERICA was under attack, wondering the whole time if it was some kind of sick hoax. I remember getting my kids up just to hug them and hold them close, then calling work and telling them I wasn’t going to be there, I had more important things to do. I kept my children home that day.

I remember rushing to the gas station where my husband worked to fill up the cars with gasoline, because his boss had told him to, as the gas prices would be going sky high. I remember spending the day in front of the TV, watching those planes hit again and again and again. And the Towers collapsing. And thinking of the lives lost, and the ones that would be forever changed. I remember being scared, and angry! How dare THEY attack US! We are America! No one would think of attacking us!

And I remember the days after as America rallied together for the first time in years, and people called for our President to do SOMETHING!! ANYTHING!!  And flags were flown everywhere. No matter where you looked you saw the Red, White and Blue…

 And I remember as time went on, that Red, White and Blue that was so visible all over the nation, slowly disappeared. As America slowly begin to forget. We begin to blame our President because we were at war. We begin to complain about gas prices while our troops were dying to make sure we had the right to buy gas! And today 9 years later, this country is still blaming that President. We have forgotten that anger that we felt that morning. We have forgotten the knowledge that this great nation IS vulnerable. We’ve forgotten our pride. We have forgotten that WE were attacked! We have forgotten WHY we are at war. We have forgotten that we demanded that our President to take us into war! We have forgotten that our troops are in battle because they want to be. Because they love this country and this freedom enough to give their lives to not only protect it, but to see that others get the same freedom.

It’s time for America to rally again. Time to stand behind our troops. Remember 9/11.  Remember your anger, remember the lives lost. The lives forever changed. The thousands that are now sick and hurting because they were there that day, and survived. Or the ones that spent weeks or months digging through the rubble to find bodies. Thousands that didn’t give their lives that day, but are still giving them now, as their health declines due to to the chemicals they’ve inhaled. They have sacrificed their lives and their health to dig through that rubble. Thousands that were denied medical compensation just this year, because we have forgotten that sacrifice.

So fly your flags and wear your red, white and blue… but don’t just do it today. You are an American every day. Be proud of it.  Don’t let it take another 9/11 to pull this country together again! God Bless The USA!!!


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