It only takes ONE….


I got on Face Book last night to see if anything fun was going on, and almost wish I hadn’t. It would of been nice to have completely missed all that happened in the cloth diapering world yesterday. A man was “spotted” liking all the cloth diaper pages online. His profile info was disturbing to say the least. Mothers were frantically removing pictures of their babies and page administers were doing the same. It is sad that we can not safely post pictures of our adorable babies wearing cloth for other mom’s to see without worrying what some perv is doing with those pictures!

What is almost as disturbing is the people saying that we went overboard! This man hasn’t done anything yet. He is just looking. There are thousands more like him so what good will it do to have this one person blocked?! Those comments made me almost as ill as seeing the profile of that man. What is this world coming to when there are people who see things like this and won’t take the time to do something about it? If enough people complain about people with profiles like that those disturbing people will be blocked from Facebook. More mom’s will know what things to look for. When it comes to my babies, and every other baby out there in the world, better safe then sorry!

One person turned this man into authorities and he is now being investigated. And it was noticed that he was the only person in his “group” that was liking sites that had children in them. That is a HUGE red flag right there. Do what you want as an adult, Leave our BABIES out of it!

All this to say, this man has been noticed, and caught, because ONE mom did something about it. She told her friends. Who told their friends. And within the space of an hour or two, Face Book headquarters was flooded with requests to block this person, and it led to an investigation being started. ONE person, started this wave. One person took a moment. And babies all over the world are safer because of that ONE person. Imagine if more ONE persons did something, said something, about some odd thing they notice.

I was amazed last night at the response to this man. A whole community of people spread all over the world, took action within the time frame of just minutes, this man and what he was doing was spread world wide, and MAMA bears came out with teeth bared, ready to protect not just their own, but any and all! But what would have happened if that ONE that started it all, hadn’t said a thing?


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