Gonna Be One Of Those Days..


Have you ever woke up and just known….”It’s Gonna Be One Of THOSE Days!”? Today I woke up, and everything was great, the kids weren’t up yet, Hubby was at his men’s bible study, the house was QUIET! Yay, I thought, some nice quiet Mama time before everyone gets going.. so I start my coffee pot.. forgetting to put the carafe back in all the way. Coffee all over the counter.. I was tempted to lick it up, but I didn’t.  I am one of those, have to have a cup of coffee to figure out how to work the coffee pot kind of people. And do I EVER think to make and set the coffee the night before, so I can wake up to already hot coffee.. No. Never. I insisted on buying a coffee pot with that feature, and I have used it maybe twice in the 8 months I have owned it. And while insisting on that feature, forgot to get a pot that lets you sneak a cup while it’s still brewing!

Anyway, I got the coffee going again. I got the pots and pans from last night’s dinner soaking in the sink. I got the diapers going in the washing machine.. they were extra smelly, so they will get a couple extra rinses and some sun time today! Thank God the sun is shining! A dreary day would put me overboard I think. :o)
Then kids start waking up. And they are all in fussy, argumentative moods!  Wait a second… I started my day off right.. coffee, a few chores going. Worship music playing in the background. What is wrong with these little people! They are ruining my great morning! I made some pancakes hoping that will help them out. But then how dare I ask them to clean the kitchen after right? Huh. Meanwhile.. my head is becoming more and more stuffy as time goes on. I so totally woke up GREAT this morning and by 10 am the walls are coming down all around me. I walked into the living room to discover while I was making pancakes they were destroying the couch. And throwing the laundry all over the place! My oldest kids were the ones in the living room. Surely they know better then this! And so my good mood flies out the window, and “Mean Mommy” comes in. “Put that couch back together! Get those chores done! What? Your math isn’t done yet?! What is wrong with you?!” and on and on I went. Til I stopped, and I thought about what I was doing. Would I talk to my husband the way I just spoke to my kids? Would I talk to them that way if we had a guest in our home? Why ARE my kids behaving this way anyway!

For those of you that don’t know. We are Christian. And we are NOT perfect. But I believe that God is perfect, and He forgives my imperfection. We make a lot of mistakes. I  yell at my children, when I know this wrong. I stomp and get mad when things don’t go my way. I get angry with my hubby over stupid things that at the end of the day don’t matter.  

At church on Sunday I picked up a book by Randy Alcorn. It is called Lord Foulgrin’s Letters. It is written in the great style of C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters.” The book is the story of a  family, mainly the father, that is being hunted by his demon. And rescued by his Savior. It contains letters from Lord Foulgrin one of the top demons to his minion demon who is supposed to keep the father from turning to Christ.   It really got me thinking about how the enemy is targeting us.. and our kids. Even if your not a Christian, it has alot of really good points about how we are loosing our children. Things we would never allow them to do yet they do through media. I would never tell my kids go to a strip club, or watch people making out. But how many times have they seen that on TV while channel surfing. I don’t know any non-Christian parents that would tell their children to do things like this either.  The book talks about how parents today are too lenient with children. Allowing them to do things that can lead to temptation simply so we can prove that we trust them. Or not going through their belongings, because, well, that room belongs to Littly Johnny. I would never go through his things. That’s unAmerican.  People, even children, should be allowed there privacy. Its an American right.  And so our kids are sneaking out, getting high. Sleeping around. All so we don’t disrupt their privacy. Or is it so we don’t have to be bothered. So we don’t have to turn off the TV, or the computer. Or put down our book. Trust me. I am not the perfect mother. In fact I have a child that I could be writing about it on this paragraph. But I don’t want my other kids to be that way! I want to be the mother that knows her children, inside and out. That teaches them to follow God, and resist the devil. He is not just some fairy tale character, he is real, and according to God, he roams the earth looking for whom he may devour. I don’t want that “whom” to be one of my children!

This book really just hit me. Do I teach my children how to worship God? We learn Bible verses and we pray. But the Bible states that we were MADE to worship Him. That is our purpose. But I don’t remember once ever teaching my children how to worship. Where or how do I even start? I can teach them to sing, but how do I teach them to WORSHIP? To put their heart and mind into praising the One that created them.

Do I take the time to know who their friends are, and what they are doing in their room, or on the computer?

Do I know where they are at all times, and who they are with?

I can honestly answer No, to almost all of those. I just asked my parents for some walkie talkies to send with my children while they play, so I can know at any time where they are, who they are with, what they are doing. I know who most of their friends are, but I don’t know the parents very well. I don’t know what they allow the kids to do while at their house. What games they play or movies they watch. Really, up until I read this book I was more concerned with what my kids were eating. Are they eating something that will cause them to go haywire tomorrow when I need to go grocery shopping? Oh my!  Who cares they are playing Halo Wars, and blowing hundreds of people up.. they might be eating M&M’s. 

So my challenge today is…

Are you ready??

Turn off the TV.. shut down the computer (after you read the rest of my post anyway.. ) and go play with your kids. Spend an hour doing something they enjoy. Play a board game, have a tea party.  Kick a soccer ball around. Talk to them! Find out about their friends. Discover what they do in their free time. What kind of music do they like. Then decide if you need to change some things. When was the last time you looked at what posters your kids have in their rooms? When was the last time you were IN your kids room? I have a tendency to walk by and shut the door so I don’t have to see the mess.

I know this was a hard post.. and it may have made people think! I may loose some followers for it.. I may gain a few. But I am not sorry. I hope it gets people to think. Maybe pick up the book. Or THE Book.. (Bible) We are loosing our children. It’s time to fight for them again. It’s going to be hard, time consuming. And at times it may feel like we are completely loosing. But in the end it will be worth it all…


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