Re-Vamped for Fall!!


I decided to change up the colors on the blog a little in honor of Fall! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. My other favorites are Summer, Spring and Winter! The leaves are changing and even though we seem to be getting Summer weather here now in the mornings and late at night, it feels and smells like Fall. I  love the colors of Fall. I love that it’s cool enough to get cozy with a good book but warm enough to take a hike with the kids without bundling up to the 9th degree or dying from the heat! I love taking pictures of the trees.. and apparently have passed that on to my kids as I discovered several blurry tree pictures on my camera yesterday. I love the seasonal coffee flavors that start to appear this time of year.I love the root veggies that appear this time of year, roasted with a nice pot roast, or tossed in a soup. I just love Fall. Here are a few pictures that I (and one of my kids) took yesterday..

I love the fog on the hill with the sun shining! Isn’t is great.. this picture just doesn’t do justice to what it really looked like!

I think this is one that one of the kids took..My eyesight is bad, but not quite that bad! None of them will fess up because they are NOT supposed to touch my camera! They have their own.

This is just a neat looking tree…

There is a little Fall color..

And a little more…

So.. what do you love about Fall?


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I am a SAHM of 6 kids, and I homeschool, cloth diaper, wear my toddler, used to breastfeed, cook from scratch, not so crunchy mama. Hubs is a chef, and loves to cook. We go to church when we can, and I love to learn new things about how to be a better wife and mother.

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  1. I like being able to go outside at any time and either not freeze my butt off, or die from heat stroke. 🙂 I love being able to keep the house open and enjoy the chilly nights. And horse back riding when there is a slight cool breeze is the best. 🙂

  2. Oh I haven't been horseback riding in almost 12 years!! And this was my favorite time to go too! I also love that the windows are all open 24-7! And it smells so wonderful outside too! :o)