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I decided to write a post telling about and showing the pictures of my family. As most of you know Michael and I have 6 children.

My oldest is 10, almost 11, as his name means Valiant, I thought on here, I would nickname him Knight. He loves Legos, and reading about mystical creatures. He doesn’t like school that much although he is usually the first one done. He always needs a hair cut! And he loves to tell or play practical jokes and tell stories that he has made up. He is a quiet, introspective guy, that gets hurt feelings easily, but generally loves to be helpful. He likes his sleep, which usually starts his mornings off badly! :o) This is what he looks like:


Next up is my almost 10 year old, who we call Clown, because that is what his name means in one language, though in another is means Treasure.. and he is both. I couldn’t imagine life without this guy. He tests every limit put before him, but usually does it with a laugh. He tests my sanity almost every day! We almost lost him just before his first birthday when he became very ill with pneumonia, he has also had his fingerprints burned off, split his head open, stuck a 1″ piece of wood through his  hand, broken his wrist setting the kitchen table for dinner, tore his ACL in a bike crash, has asthma.. and more. We joke that he knows the entire ER staff by name and we could just start sending him on his own, they know who he is and what to do! Clown loves to play with Legos, and be a Jedi, and sword fight, and give his Mama heart attacks with his stunts! It’s hard to get a good picture of him because he NEVER sits still!!


Here is our Little Mama, and that is what we call her. She is 8. Her room is almost always clean, and she is on top of all the others, making sure they are staying out of trouble and doing what they are told. She loves horses, and plays with her ponies, and dolls and dresses up. She takes care of the baby in the early mornings so I can sleep in, and helps out with out being asked. All the things a Little Mommy does. As a baby she HATED to be held, so there was no cuddling, or rocking her. And everything thought she would have a speech problem because she wouldn’t talk. I just kept telling everyone to wait. Now she has a huge vocabulary, and loves nothing more then to snuggle up to mom or dad or grandma, or grandpa. She loves to read and watch sappy little girl movies, like Barbie.

                                                                  Little Mama
Now here comes my Little Man, and we call him that for more then one reason. One, he is small for his age,which is almost 7. Two, he is very mature for his age. He knows he is small and tries to make up for it with  huge feats of prowess! He has a slight speech problem. He loves to be helpful and tries to do things his big brothers can’t even do. A few weeks ago, he pushed our huge garbage can to the street! He loves to play with Legos, and  be rough and tumble and get dirty! His current favorite is bugs… which I can’t stand.. I allow my kids to play with all the bugs they want, as long as they stay outside.. where they belong. But Little Man keeps trying to sneak them in, to be his pets. He is just getting to where he finds cloths that match and is so proud of himself! He also just lost his first tooth!

                                                                     Little Man

Next up in the Juice Box.. this is a nickname that started long ago, because juice was all he ever wanted. Which is of course not all he could have. But he LOVED juice boxes! He is 5. He loves legos, and dressing crazy. I mean seriously crazy, polo shirts, and ties, crazy! With basketball pants and rain boots, this kid definitely has his own style. He is enthralled with Star Wars and anything and every thing to do with Star Wars. He loves to get dirty, from head to toe. And hates to get clean! I love to tease him because he is very quick witted and always has a comeback!

                                                                    Juice Box 

And finally we have the baby, who up til now on here I have just called Baby G. But around here her nickname is Putt Putt.. Because from the day she was born, every time she would wake up, she would stretch, and then she would “putt”. I tease my hubby that she will be heading off to college some day and we will all be standing around yelling, “Bye PUTT PUTT!” as she drives away. We also  call her Totzilla, and she leaves a path of destruction in her wake… we always know where Putters has been! She loves to wear pretties, just not for very long, and it has to be her idea to put them on. Recently she has decided that she should be able to dress herself, and I have to let her attempt it until she gives up, and lets me, or a half hour of screaming will follow. She has learned some sign language, that we have seen her use, but she likes to be stubborn and refuse to use it, to see if she will still get what she wants. She is 15 months old.

                                                                 Putt Putt

And finally, here is a picture of my hubby and I… Michael is a handyman for the rental company we rent from. Which is great.. he gets paid to fix out house :o) He loves football, usually college, though any will do. He is a Beaver fan.. I am a Duck fan. Here in Oregon that is a dangerous mix, but we make it work.  My Clown gets his sense of humor and love of giving Momma a heart attack from this man. I love to dress Putt Putt up in Oregon Duck outfits just to annoy him :o) And I tell him I am rooting for football teams like the Cowboys or something, just to get him going. I tried to find a picture of us together, and I know we have some, but I couldn’t find them in my thousands of pictures on my computer… Sorry! :o)


Me doing what I am usually doing… ;o)




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I am a SAHM of 6 kids, and I homeschool, cloth diaper, wear my toddler, used to breastfeed, cook from scratch, not so crunchy mama. Hubs is a chef, and loves to cook. We go to church when we can, and I love to learn new things about how to be a better wife and mother.

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