Our Newest Family Member…


We welcomed a new member to our family today. A friend posted on FB that she had to give up her beloved dog. I took a look at the pictures and fell in love. So a short van trip later to meet her, and we brought home a beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier named Mimi. She is three years old and has beautiful ice blue eyes, and black fur with white markings. I tried hard to get some pictures of her eye color, but she was not cooperative. She has plenty of energy to keep up with the 8 of us. She loves to play fetch, and run, and go for walks. Pit Bulls have gotten a very bad rap due to poor reporting. Usually pit bulls that attack a person or other animal have not been treated correctly, and are not purebred. Most pit bulls are very loyal, loving, protective dogs, that love to please their humans. They are easy to train, though they have a temperament all their own, and so are not to be trained like other dogs. Mimi, has become attached to me, following me around, and laying at my feet. But she LOVES the kids. Little Mama has dressed her up, put jewelry on her, and loved on her, all to Mimi’s great satisfaction and enjoyment. I snatched these pictures that my friend posted rather then using my own, because she got her eyes in the pics, and I couldn’t. It was getting dark, and Mimi was chasing a stick. her favorite thing to do!

                                                            Isn’t she adorable!!


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I am a SAHM of 6 kids, and I homeschool, cloth diaper, wear my toddler, used to breastfeed, cook from scratch, not so crunchy mama. Hubs is a chef, and loves to cook. We go to church when we can, and I love to learn new things about how to be a better wife and mother.

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  1. We totally were not planning on getting a dog! The last one we had was a PAIN, she DUG a hole in our floor and ATE a wall! :o) So glad this one is so well behaved, and adorable!