Cows and Raw Milk…


Yesterday we went to go pick up some fresh raw cow’s milk. We found an amazing deal for it. When I called to see if I could pick some up the gentleman was quite funny. He asked if I would like to know about the milk, and thinking I was about to get told what kind of feed he used, and how old his cows were etc, all he said was, well it comes from the cows. LOL While we were there to pick it up, the farm owner came out and said we could come down and watch the milking if we would like! Would we!! Oh boy! The kids were all excited. Then I thought, I don’t have the camera! Grrr.. I never have it for times like this! the entire time we were there, he had us laughing, and was very good with the kids.

We followed him to the barn, where he brought in the two milkers. There were sheep all over, and one BIG pig. At one point I turned around and Little Mama and her friend that was with us were gone! I found them outside with cow poo all over them, trying to catch the pig…

We watched the milking, petted the cows, climbed all over the barn, got good and dirty and came home with our two gallons of fresh milk. At home I scooped the cream off the top getting almost 4 cups of cream! Wow, lots of fresh butter coming! Maybe I will try some raw cheddar cheese too. Only bummer is, the cows dry up at the end of this month, then he is going to retire.. so we found it just to loose it! :o(  Hopefully we will find a new dairy guy soon, because one glass of the white gold and we were HOOKED!

Here is a pic of the milk and cream… it’s all I got. Next time we go, I will make sure I have the camera! I promise! The kids were so cute chasing the gigantic pig around!

                                    In the bowl is the cream from just one gallon of milk!        

Be Blessed…


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