Things I Have Amazingly Managed To Win!


Through flash giveaways I managed to win a couple items. I talked about them before. But now I HAVE them, and have used them, well one of them. The other has to wait a week or two… Not sure if that deserves a :o) or a :o( 

I managed to get Putt Putt dressed up in her Paul Frank leg warmers from 4Ward Thinking  and they are adorable! I now know though that when I get more, I need to have the thigh part made a little smaller.. those darn chicken thighs of Putters are killing me! LOL… everything is too big around the thighs! The leg warmers just won’t stay up where they are supposed to. But she loves them, and spends alot of time trying to put them on herself. They keep her occupied.. which I also love! Here is a picture of Putt Putt wearing her Paul Frank Leg Warmers..

             She is playing with the velcro on a Kushie diaper… she LOVES the sound of Velcro!

The other “thing” I won, and have yet to try, is a Bumbledoo Mama Pad. I received it in the mail, and my kids were dying to open the package.. but the boys all took off as soon as they saw what it was! LOL.. now it sits in my top drawer in the bathroom awaiting it’s chance to be tried. It looks and feels very soft, and fluffy. And it looks like it will be very absorbent! Here is what it looks like:

  It fold up and snaps to fit in a purse or diaper bag.. not sure if it’s supposed to but it worked!

       It’s very well sewn, I couldn’t find any seams that were not finished or had holes in them.

                        The back view… the pencil is to show the size.. I couldn’t find a ruler!      

The only thing, I wish it was a little more girlie.. when I get to where I can order some for myself, I will definitly choose some more upbeat girlie prints! Who can’t use a smile that time of the month! :o)

I have also won a couple diapers, which I am  patiently  , OK, Ok, very impatiently waiting for! LOL. When I get them I will post those too!

Just so you know I am NOT bragging, oh Look what I won!! But rather, these are very well made products that so far I love, and I want to share the information so that others looking for such an item know about them! And it helps the companies, and SAHM’s that make them, get some more business! And that is what I am all about. Helping other SAHM’s stay at home! :o) Have a great day! And go check out these two companies if you haven’t already! Let them know I sent you!

Be Blessed…


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  1. Go ahead and Brag! Winning is Fun šŸ™‚ I love mama cloth too. You should check out Tallulah Bean…they will def make you smile and feel 'girlie' at that time. I love them!Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am now your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you through your blog posts.Annahttp://IamNannyAnna.blogspot.com