Raw Milk Butter…


I actually made butter on Sunday afternoon… really. About a pound of it! We went and got another gallon of raw milk after church because apparently my kids like the raw milk better then store bought, and they drink more of it. So we had the cream from three gallons of milk sitting in the refrigerator. It came out to almost 6 cups of cream. I put it in a gallon sized glass jar, put plastic wrap over the top then screwed the lid on, then sat in the office rocking the jar back and forth, back and forth, for a good hour and half.. It was actually nice to just SIT for that long. And it gave me a good excuse to! After about an hour, the cream started to look gritty, like it had sand in it. And I started to get excited! Then about ten minutes later you could little yellow clumps floating around! About ten more minutes and the clumps got larger! Ten minutes more and I had large yellow clumps of butter. I strained it out through my little metal strainer, reserving the left over liquid, because that is buttermilk. Great for baking, or hubby drinks it..EW! :o) Then washed the butter. I poured little bits of COLD water over the butter, then smashed it with a flat wooden spoon. Drained it, and started over, I did this several times until the water came off the butter clear. This meant all the buttermilk was out of the butter, which makes it last longer. I have a cute little snowman butter dish that I lined with wax paper, and I pressed the butter down into it, then covered it tightly and put it in the fridge to harden. The next morning we had buttermilk pancakes with fresh butter on top!  Here are a few pictures that I took after wards. Next time I make butter I will take during pictures so you can see each step!I did not add anything to the cream, there is no salt, no coloring, nothing.. just pure fresh raw cow’s milk cream.

                  This is how much butter milk cream was left AFTER the butter was made!

                           This is the finished soft butter.. it came out that yellow naturally!

                                              My cute little snowman butter crock…

The butter has a much stronger taste then store bought butter, kind of sweet and sour, but really good! I can’t wait to try it on other things. This is unsalted butter.

Be Blessed…


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