I got the diaper that I won from Cutesy Tushies today in the mail! Finally some fluff!! I put it right on baby.. yes I know.. supposed to wash it first! It will get washed, I just had to put her in it and take pics! Some came out a little blurry, but they are still pretty cute. She even had a t-shirt that almost matched so I tossed that on her too! Take a look!

                                                         Isn’t that just adorable?!               

                                        No gaps.. snug fit, but no red marks after wards!  

                              Rear View… sorry it’s a little blurry! Putters wouldn’t sit still!

                                              Back of diaper  with adorable fabric print        

                                          Front of diaper.. It came with a cute little bow!

               Inside material is so soft and fluffy, and the insert looks very soft, and absorbent!

                                                I think that it is a hit!! Thanks Michelle!!

Putters wore her new dipe for nap time, which was three hours long, and usually she wakes up soaked in the front, because she sleeps in the stinkbug position. I thought maybe she hadn’t peed!  I almost put the diaper back on her thinking it was still dry! It wasn’t until I smelled the pee and checked the insert that I realized it was soaked but the diaper itself felt completely dry! I am amazed!
Be Blessed…


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  1. Love it on her! Glad to know that it worked so well even without being washed first to seal the holes from sewing the PUL! That is awesome!:)