Pumpkin Picking and Lost Children!


Yesterday we took our kids to our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Farm) to pick pumkins and have an End Of Season Festival…

Here is a picture of Putters all ready to go have fun!


They had a potluck, which I forgot to make something for.. good thing I made cookies the day before! They also had a hay ride, a pinata, face painting, and homemade Apple Cider, which the kids got to help make. The kids got to paint their pumpkins and go on a scavenger hunt. All in all it was a fun day. Here are some more pictures!

                                         Little Man with his scavenger items…

                                                       Juice Box with his pumpkin…

                      Since there were so many “Unknown People” this was were Putter’s stayed!    

                                Ready to go on the Hay Ride, behind the Grand John Deere!     

                                           Little Mama with her scavenger hunt prize.    

                                     Knight enjoying his all natural candy from the pinata.  

                                                Clown being a… well a clown!!

                                                 Juice Box with the love of his life!!

                                             Little Man  in need of a face wash 

                                                                 The Hubs…             

                                                               The scary tree  

                                                            and cows….  

When we got off the hay ride I started rounding up kids and directing them to the car for the ride home… we stopped so Little Man could help make apple cider…

 turned around and Juice Box was nowhere to be seen!! After a frantic search nearby it was mentioned that someone saw him get on the hayride! That was a loooooonnnngggg half hour wait for that tractor to slowly make it’s way back to the barn! And there he was happy as could be and ready to go again!

While we were turning onto the road that the farm is on, I noticed a sign saying that the lake we visited last week was that way! So we went home that way and enjoyed a beautiful drive through the fall trees, and since we were driving by, stopped to grab some raw milk on the way… had fun and accomplished the milk run a day early! What more could we ask for!

Be Blessed…



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