Nifty Nappy’s Review and ***LIVE*** Giveaway!! CLOSED!!


I meant to post this yesterday but was sick so here it is today! The review we’ve all been waiting for… Nifty Nappy…

I received my Nifty Nappy fitted cloth diaper in the mail very quickly! I also ordered a Woolie Wrap just because I am addicted and had to have one! I received this adorable rainbow print, cuddly soft Nappy. I have gotten several comments on how cute it is. I love how easy it is to use, and care for! And it’s soft! Did I mention that?! Here is the diaper I recieved..

                                                       Isn’t it cute?!

It came all packaged with care instructions and information about the fit along with a web address for the special folding technique to make it fit a smaller baby.


Here is the inside of the nifty nappy, with the lay in insert that came with it. The inserts are made from Organic Hemp/cotton fleece, and Organic Bamboo Velour material! SO soft!

And here is the beautiful super slim fit Woolie Wrap that came with it! I love the colors, and it’s great to know, there are no others like it out there, as Woolie Wraps are one in a kind!

 Here is the inside of the Woolie Wrap…

                              The organic wool interior is super soft and not scratchy at all! 

My only problem with Nifty Nappy is that I only have one! Which I will soon be fixing! This is now the first diaper I reach for for trips out of the house, or overnight! The diaper is so absorbent it can be used for several hours without a cover, and the Woolie Wrap works wonderful for nigh time. I have not had a single leak with this fitted diaper and Wrap paired together! And I have a Super Nighttime Wetter!  The diaper and cover together are super thin, which is great with a slim baby. Some fitteds and covers make Putt Putt look like she has major bubble bottoms but not these!  I tried very hard to get a picture of Putter’s wearing this diaper and cover, but she is not cooperating, and they all came out so blurry I couldn’t use them! I will stick one in if I can get one before this ends! 

Nifty Nappy also makes some beautiful reusable swim diapers and custom items such as Wool Skirties too.   

So how can you can get yourself some Nifty Nappy’s? Well you can go buy yourself some!

Nifty Nappy is not direct selling right now due to an out of state move.  You can place orders with their RETAILERS though.  You can find a list of the RETAILERS on their Where to Buy page.                 
Or you can WIN one Nifty Nappy Fitted in your choice of print right here!!  
This will be a ***LIVE*** Giveaway! That means it ends in only 42 hours! There is ONE mandatory entry you must make, then you can comment as many times as you like until the 48 hours is over! 
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  6. I have done them all, and my favorite feature is that the website is so much more streamlined than the old one! Robyn Lucas on FB, @whatmamawants on Twitter what_mama_wants at yahoo dot com

  7. 1. You must be a follower of this blog via GFCDONE2. You must go to the Nifty Nappy web page and tell what their favorite feature of the new webpage is. THE PICTURES OF THE DIAPERS ACTUALLY ON IT HELPS ME DECIDE IF I LIKE THEM3. Follow the Nifty Nappy blog via GFCDONE4. Become a fan on Nifty Nappy's facebook pageDONE5. Follow Nifty Nappy on twitter @myniftynappyDONE mommy2acdhsurvivor at yahoo dot com

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