Did You Know That Tomorrow Is Halloween??!


I did.. somewhere in the back part of my mind.. I knew that tomorrow was Halloween.. but it just hit me today! Oh No! Tomorrow is Halloween! And we only had one costume! A Lady Bug Costume for Putter’s that a friend gave when they moved away! After a frantic trip to the thrift store, we now have one Darth Vader, one Spider man, one Cowgirl, Indiana Jones and Doc Holiday! I was reaching there… we were low on funds and all I could find was a bowler hat.. add in a white button up shirt, dress pants a bow tie and a vest with a flower.. and there ya go! Knight is now walking around practicing his “If you don’t watch it you’ll be pushing up daisies from six feet under” impression! At least that is what I think Doc said in the movie.. it’s been a very long time!

We managed to get all that for $16.90. We had $17.00 on us! I am on a frugal HIGH right now! It just amazed me that some people spend hundreds on costumes to wear for one night. We are not those people.. In fact I am completely jazzed that Little Mama’s outfit can be worn any time. That was my biggest accomplishment of the day! And that I was able to trade the police outfit Little Man wanted that wasn’t a complete outfit for an entire Spiderman outfit for two dollars less!! Without a temper tantrum!! :o)

Tomorrow night we will get dressed up and go trick-or-treating. We pass out tracts and tell everyone “Thank you and God Bless you!” Or “Thank you! Jesus Loves you!”  Then we come home get ready for bed, have popcorn, and hot cocoa, and leave out all that candy for the Great Pumpkin. Who then trades the candy for neat little gifts. Like coloring books, and fun pencils, and stuffed toys… which last much longer then the candy, without the sugar/food coloring high! 

So what do you do for Halloween? Do you have special traditions? Do you go all out on the costumes? Make your own?

Be Blessed..


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