Shopping Nightmare!!


Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I tried to get out of the house with just Putters. But wound up leaving with Putter’s, Clown, Little Man and Juice Box! I made it to Fred Meyers, and put Putters in the Ergo and Juice Box and Little Man in the shopping cart. I couldn’t find any of those cool carts that hold multiple children! As the cart got fuller, Little Man had less and less room. I finally let him out and told him to hold on to the cart. About three isles later I looked down and he was GONE!! After a half  hour of frantically searching the store and involving store personnel who were just about to call the police, he shows up all happy. “Mom! I saw the coolest Legos!” Apparently something caught his eye and he stopped to look and I kept going. While he was scared that he couldn’t find me, he did the right thing by going to the front area of the store. When I wasn’t there he looked in the next logical place. The Coffee Shop!

As we left Fred Meyers, the car made this really loud noise, and this horrific smell started coming out of it. So I quickly pulled into the Auto Mechanics next to Freddies. Which is actually where we usually take our cars. He was standing outside as I pulled in, and the look on his face when he heard the noise was enough to make me cringe! I knew it was bad. He pulled it in the back, got it on the lift and discovered the air conditioning clutch was out. And no one in town had one. I called a friend to come and get us, as he told me that driving it could cause a much more expensive (and this one was expensive enough, thank you very much) part to keel over and cause much more damage. The only person I could get a hold of was a friend who lives out by us. So it was a half hour wait with 4 hyper hungry kids for her to get there. But she was kind enough to drive me around to finish my shopping!

While it was a crazy day, I am SO glad that the part decided to give up now, and not while we are on our way to our field trip this Thursday! A Home School Day at the Aquarium! Behind the scenes looks, and classes on the animals and all day fun! It’s going to be another nightmare um, a really fun time, with 6 kids that seem to suddenly like to wander off and freak their parents out… think I could get away with tying them all together??

Be Blessed…


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