GEN-Y Diaper Covers!!


I recently won a GEN-Y minky “Punkin Pie” diaper cover.. it is adorable with soft pink fuzzy minky fabric decorated in chocolate brown flowers and cute little bow topped skulls! I knew that Putt Putt was about to outgrow medium so I went ahead and ordered a large size.. it’s HUGE on her but it still works perfectly. Everything is held in, and it stays leak free at night, when Putter’s has suddenly decided to let open the flood gates! It works for field trips, where we are gone for hours, or trips to the store, which is a three or four hour journey for us! Here is a picture of Putt Putt in her GEN-Y cover:

Even though it is baggy, there is no gaping around the legs, and it leaves NO marks even on the tightest setting! That is a big plus for me. It is adorable, and amazingly soft! I love that the inside can be wiped clean and used again, which makes it great for trips to the grocery store, or church. I will definitely be contacting GEN-Y for more covers when I need them!  I would love to try one of their diapers too at some point. :o) Go check GEN-Y out, I am sure you can find something you just have to have!!

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  1. What a cutie!!GEN-Ys are sized generously. I hope you get a lot of use out of this cover since it looks like it will fit her for a while ;)~Elizabeth