Do I Have Any Reading Fans? Closed!!


Do any of you LOVE to read? If so, have you read any of Karen Kingsbury’s Christian fiction novels? Would you like to win the entire set of her Above The Line Series, Take One, Take Two, Take Three, and Take Four?! These are not brand new, but are in very good condition! A little dusty, as I rarely dust my office.. :o) They were bought for $10.97 a piece so this is worth about $44 plus shipping!! This is NOT a pet free home so if you are allergic to pet dander be forewarned, our dog sleeps in our office where these books are kept!!

Here is a pic:

 They have been read by two people, and are still in great condition, the backs are not broken,  I spilled a cup of water on Take Three and some of the pages are a little wrinkly from that, but other then that they are in great condition!  I might even dust them off before I ship them out.. :o)                                   

 How To Enter:
Leave a comment saying that you follow this blog via GFC and whether or not you have read a Karen Kingsbury novel before!  Leave your email address so I can contact the winner! 
That is it!
One entry per person please!!

This giveaway will end Wednesday November 17th, at 4 PM

I am not affiliated in any way with Karen Kingsbury, I simply enjoy reading her novels and have this set sitting around, and think someone else could enjoy them! Please note that these are CHRISTIAN novels!

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  1. What a great way to pay it forward. I have read a Karen Kingsbury book…Shades of Blue. It is the only book that has ever made me cry. Nlpoe at hotmail dot com

  2. awesome! i am a huge reader and am always looking for something new to read and add to my library 🙂 i have never read any of her stuff!book sharing is very "green" and i love that!