Thinkin’ Outta The Box #6, Beef, Sweet Potatoes and Kale Over Rice..


Look what I remembered!! Actually it’s Sunday, and I just discovered that I can set Blogger to publish posts when I set the time for it to, and I just thought about Thinkin’ Outta The Box, so I figured I would write it while I was thinking it!

Doesn’t this meal just sound yummy? LOL.. But when you think of all the vitamins and minerals in those ingredients, especially if you use high quality rice, it’s worth a try! So I tried it, and it was really good!!

First you need 1 lb of ground beef, a couple of sweet potatoes, you can use reds or yukons if you don’t have sweets, and a bunch of kale, or spinach. About a pound. 1/2 of a cup of good soy sauce, 1 TBS of sesame seeds, 1 TBS of sesame oil, minced garlic, however much you like, I like A LOT, 1 cup of cold water and 2 TBS cornstarch.  And some good rice. I used a mixed rice, it had red, wild and brown all together. It is really pretty, and turns a lovely shade of purple when cooked. This meal would be prettier with a white rice, so next time I think I will use Basmati, or Jasmine. It tasted great with the mixed rice, but it didn’t look that great LOL…


Get a pot and sprinkle some salt in and put it on a burner at med high, when it’s hot add your beef. If you put salt in the bottom of your pot before you cook ground meat it keeps it from popping grease all over! Then get your rice started, following package instructions, but don’t forget to start breaking up the beef every couple of minutes or so. Chop your kale or spinach, whichever you choose to use to bite size pieces and peel and dice your  potatoes.  Add kale to the beef IF your using kale because it needs to cook awhile. Don’t add the spinach yet if that is what you are using, as it only takes a couple minutes to cook. When the meat is half cooked add your potatoes and sesame seeds, stir in and cook for about 5-10 minutes. Then whisk together the water, garlic, so sauce, sesame oil and cornstarch together pour over meat and let simmer about ten minutes, until potatoes are soft but not mushy. Serve meat mix over rice, top with chow mien noodles for a little crunch if desired. Enjoy! 

Be Blessed…

I got this recipe out of Mary Ostyns Cookbook, “Family Feasts For $75 A Week, and adapted it a little to use what we had on hand.


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