Inspired By Finn Baltic Amber Necklace RE-Review!


We have had our Inspired By Finn Baltic Amber necklace for almost two months now! Let me tell you, this has been one little life saver! Putter’s has gotten in four MOLARS since we got it, and all without a fuss! There have been times where she was starting to get fussy, and I would realize, OH I forgot to put her necklace back on her this morning! Within an hour, she was fine! I have put it on when I start to get a headache, and it will go away! I wrap it around my wrist, and it helps my carpal tunnel. This is definitely a MUST have item for anyone with a baby, or muscle aches! I would love to get one for my mom for her back or knee as a stocking stuffer this year! My other kids may all be getting one in theirs too! I really can not say enough good stuff about this necklace! It has been pulled on, dropped, chewed on (oops) and it is still as good as new! I love that each bead is tied separately so that if it does break only one bead will come off, and that it has a plastic screw clasp that will break if it’s ever caught on something and becomes a hazard! I love this necklace and simply can not find anything bad about it! Except that I don’t have one of my own! :o)

Be Blessed..


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