Christmas Plans and Keep Your Eyes Open!…


This year we will be planning and preparing Christmas with the kids involved. They will make place mats for the table, a menu for everyone, invitations, and decorations. They will also help make cinnamon ornaments for gifts, along with some homemade cookies and maybe fudge. I have a recipe for a Stuffed French Toast Strata for Christmas morning, along with hot Apple Cider, honeyed fruit salad and eggnog, of course COFFEE for me.. :o) and a duck for Christmas dinner, along with some side salads, and other things. Snacks will include chips and a Ooey Gooey Mexi Dip, guacamole and homemade ginger cookies! A lot of it will be made the day before, so we can enjoy our company on Christmas Day. I am planning on sharing these with you all as we do them, or just before.

At our house we don’t really have a lot of Traditions.. we just kind of go along with whatever happens. But this year, I want to start a few new ones.
1. I want to make sure that Jesus is more the center then he has been in years past.
2. I want to take A LOT of pictures.
3. I want to plan a meal that will have us in and out of the kitchen, and won’t stress everyone out!
4. I want to go shopping and have the gifts wrapped before Christmas Eve, so we aren’t sending the kids to bed early so we can get it done before 2 a.m. :o)
5. I want to spend more hours singing Christmas carols then watching TV.
6. I want to buy NICE paper plates and bowls so I don’t spend 40 hours washing dishes!

It seems like every year, we spend so much time cooking and cleaning, that we are not able to enjoy the day! That is a Tradition I am ready to get rid of!

We put up our tree and lights the other night. I usually wait until December 1st, when I go grocery shopping and I pick up things like eggnog and apple cider and popcorn. Then we blast the Christmas music and have a ball! This year, my hubby surprised me by being the first one to start getting things out. He usually wants to wait until the day before Christmas then take it all down the day after! So we did without the eggnog and cider, and just blasted the music, made a LOT of popcorn and had a lot of fun! Take a look!!
Yes, Juice Box is HUGGING the tree.. :o)

Be on the lookout for some fun to start this week.. I have a few things up my sleeve!

BE Blessed..


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