"Sweet Nighty Night" For Mom and Keiki Doopsy SD Review!!


The first night time diaper we will review is the Doopsy SD sent to me from For Mom And Keiki. I picked the Happy Red, because it was Christmasy in color, and well, it’s that time of year! When we got it in the mail, and I pulled it out, I saw all those inserts and thought OH MY! How does this work??!! This is only my second pocket diaper, and my first just has one simple green towel looking insert that you just stick in it! I almost panicked, that seemed like a LOT of things to stuff into a diaper. So I ran to my computer and went to the Doopsy page and found the videos. It was really easy to do after I watched one. I can now stuff the Doopsy in just a few seconds. Putt Putt saw the diaper, said “I wike it”, and ran off hugging and kissing it.. it took me a while (and a natural sucker) to convince her to let me have it back so I could take pictures! And here they are:

Putter’s LOVES her new diaper!!

I quickly got it in the wash, and dried, and put it all together and on Putt Putt in time for bed that night. It was VERY trim for having that much stuffing! I was amazed, I didn’t think I would be able to put pajama pants on over it, and was prepared to put a long sleeve shirt and baby legs on her, but her pants went right over it and I couldn’t tell that she had a super stuffed dipe on! I will post some pictures of her wearing the Doopsy SD in the next “Sweet Nighty Night” post!

Be Blessed…


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