Grocery Shopping With A 16 Month Old!


I really wish I had my camera yesterday! While grocery shopping Putter’s decided she was bored.. and refused to stay in the cart.. instead she followed me around crawling through the aisles, panting and barking like a dog! People thought I was crazy for letting her out! I was told that the floor was dirty, she might get stepped on, who let’s their children act like dogs in public?!, and one lady thought it was so cute she tried to get her daughter to do it with Putter’s but she wouldn’t. The store manager told me he’d never seen such a young child enjoy grocery shopping more!

I told the one man that there was probably more germs on the package he was holding, that’s been held by who knows how many people then there was on the floor that they just mopped, told the first lady there was more of a chance she would get stepped on by one of her 5 brothers and sisters at home, and told the other lady that by the time I had child number three I pretty much stopped caring what crazy behavior they showed out in public, but if it kept her from screaming through the entire store I would let her dance naked in the cart just so I could get our groceries and get out of there!

We came home and it was almost 11 pm by the time we got all the food put away! Putters and I crashed and neither one of us woke up til this morning when Hubs shook me awake saying your job is here!! It was time for me to babysit! Grocery shopping wore us both out!

I am still searching for that lost diaper and insert and now I lost a head of red cabbage somewhere! This week is just getting better! This morning Hubby went to fix my office heater and the thermostat in the wall caught on fire! It’s all fixed now and my office is finally nice and toasty warm…

Never a dull moment around here…
How’s your week going? :o)

Be Blessed…


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  1. Thanks for the laugh! If I let dd follow me she'd be grabbing everything and throwing it in the cart! LOL She LOVES to shop!