Electrical Fires, Plastic Tubs, and Christmas Ornaments!!


Just thought I would share these pictures of the thermostat that caught on fire.. So glad hubby was home. My nose was so plugged up from allergies that I didn’t even smell the plastic melting!

And I grabbed my camera just in time today to catch Putter’s playing with this:

And yesterday we made cinnamon applesauce Christmas ornaments! They smell SO good. I have some from three years ago that still smell good. You take 2 cups of applesauce and mix it with 2 cups of cinnamon (I bought mine in bulk for $.89/lb) and 2 TBS white glue. Mix it all into a dough, if really wet add more cinnamon or a little flour until feels like bread dough. Roll it out, cut it out with cookie cutters, use a straw to put a hole at the top, and let air dry 24-48 hours. Tie some pretty string on and hang on your tree or give out as gifts. :o) Easy, fun, and if the kids eat it it won’t hurt them! In fact recent studies show that cinnamon reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers!

Be Blessed…


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