"Sweet Nighty Night" For Mom and Keiki Doopsy SD Review!! #2


Woke up this morning to a happy baby, who slept all night, and wasn’t screaming for her diaper to be changed! I pulled the Doopsy SD off, and it felt dry to the touch.. pulled out the inserts, and they were sopping wet!! I think the diaper weighed at least two pounds heavier then when I put it on her last night!

Since I started writing this post, I put the Doopsy and all my diapers in the wash.. somehow between putting them in the washer, to taking them to my couch to folding them about three hours later, a fitted diaper and my 4 layer Doopsy microfiber insert completely disappeared!! I have absolutely NO idea where they went! I am thinking maybe Putter’s grabbed them and put them in the garbage, as she is fascinated with tossing things.. unfortunately by the time I realized they were missing and not to be found anywhere, the garbage man came and took our garbage! Gloria over at For Mom and Keiki actually contacted Doopsy and had them send me a replacement insert, because I couldn’t order one anywhere!! Now that is some amazing customer service!! :o)

I promised a picture of Putter’s wearing the Doopsy SD.. but it’s been so crazy around here with missing items, and heater thermostats catching on fire, I completely forgot to take the picture and now it’s waiting to be washed!! I will get that picture tomorrow when I put it on her for bedtime. At the moment I am really wishing I had more then one, so she can sleep so well every night, I can tell you that much! I am in love with Doopsy SD’s and the customer service at For Mom and Keiki!


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