"Sweet Nighty Night" For Mom and Keiki Doopsy SD Review!! #3


After washing the Doopsy for the fifth time since getting it, I pulled it out, and it looks just great! There are no stains, and it’s even softer then it was before on the inside. I put it together and put it on her for another round of night time sleeping. The snaps are still very strong and they all work! Every day I like this diaper more!

Here is what it looks like on her..

Don’t you love her “smile?”

Rear View!

Side View!

Front View! Still LOTS of room to grow! And it looks so trim, hard to imagine there is all that stuffing in there!

Another rear shot!

momma3 asked…

“I have heard these diapers run a little smaller than most one size…have you noticed?”

“No I haven’t noticed that. But this is only my second one size diaper, and Putt Putt is very skinny and tall. At almost 17 months, 24 month pants would fit her in length but fall off of her around the waist. This diaper will easily fit her to potty training, with room to grow! There is still one whole snap setting for the rise fit, and three more setting on the waist!

Please feel free to ask me any questions! I would be more then happy to answer them!

Be Blessed…



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  1. I love this idea of revisiting items after the initial review! It's true, we all want to know if the product holds up over time not just for the 2 weeks it's being tested!Tarathesmalltownmom.com

  2. Hi Tara! I already follow you! :o) On top of this two week review, I will also revisit this diaper about once a month until I no longer use it! SO months from now you will know how it is holding up! :o) I am glad you came by! :o)