"Sweet Nighty Night" For Mom and Keiki – Doopsy SD Review!! #4


This is one of the best diapers I have tried! Seriously! I love it more everyday. I have found, since losing the microfiber insert that Putters can still go all night with just the regular insert. She immediately asks for a diaper change when she wakes up though. With the microfiber insert too, she doesn’t ask for a change until she has nursed.

Today, I noticed that the pocket doesn’t close all the way unless the rise is completely unsnapped, and it makes the fuzzy white inside of the diaper stick out over the top of the back of the diaper. Does that make any sense? When you snap up the rise setting it makes the inside of the diaper longer then the outside! But, I am sure there is something I am not doing right, that fixes this.. if anyone knows let me know! I do wish that the pocket had elastic on both sides so that it would close better, but it doesn’t effect the way the diaper works.

It came out of today’s wash looking completely the same as it looked the day it came in the mail, except the corner that got snagged in my dryer, and it left a black mark. That is not the Doopsy’s fault, that is what you get when you use a dryer almost as old as you. The color is not fading at all. The inside only get’s softer, fluffier and more absorbent with each wash!

This post wraps up Week 1 of the For Mom and Keiki sponsored Doopsy SD review! Just a few more days, and I will be giving one away to a VERY blessed reader!! I can’t wait! 🙂

Again, feel free to ask any questions!

Be Blessed..


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