"Sweet Nighty Night" For Mom and Keiki – Doopsy SD Review!! #5


I got a reply from Joanna, the lady behind the Doopsy, about why the soft inner fleecy liner is longer then the outside of the diaper.. this is what she says…

“Hi Katie, The inside of the diaper (the fleece) is slightly larger so that you can fold it around the insert, when the insert is inside, and tuck it in so that it doesn’t come out of the diaper. There is no elastic on the fleece layer because we wanted the surface to be smoother.
Hope this helps!’

It does help Joanna! Thanks, that makes a lot of sense now! I have to explain again that this is only my 2nd pocket diaper, and the first one I really don’t like. So I don’t have much experience with these types of dipes. But I no longer have to deal with my first pocket that I don’t like, cause I melted it in my dryer yesterday. Yea.. the week continues… :o) I still haven’t found anything that went missing… :o)

I am continuing to be amazed by the customer service at For Mom And Keiki! Gloria is constantly in touch with me, answering questions, and replacing lost inserts, and laughing with me when I explained what happened.. This is really an awesome company. Gloria just posted some videos of reviews on the Doopsy. Which I tried to upload here but couldn’t figure it out, so here is the link to those videos. They really help out a lot!

Be Blessed..


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