Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diapers, Tiny Toe Creations and Tommee Tippee Re-Reviews!


I have been so busy I forgot to post the Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diaper and the Tiny Toe Creations Leg Warmers Re-Reviews!! Sorry! I have also been forgetting Outta The Box Tuesdays!! Ugh! I am horrible!! :o)

I have to say that I still love Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Diapers. They are the most used out of my stash. To use them at night I really have to bulk them up with some extra liners, and a wool cover, and Putters will last until about 3 a.m. with them. During the day, they last for about 3 hours, without liners, before she is asking for a change. I have not had any problems with the seams, or the snaps. The Velcro ones I have, the Velcro is starting to curl but it is still very strong and these are the only Velcro dipes we have that Putter’s can not pull off. :o) She likes that sound…
I just won a Christmas print PUL cover from Robyn and I got it in the mail today! I am not so patiently waiting for Putt Putt to wake up from her nap so I can put it on her! Also, Robyn is having a Christmas sale right now.. I gotta tell ya, I would love to grab that pillowcase dress and matching diaper cover she has! Maybe next spring!

Here is a pic of the one I have that isn’t in the washer right now!

Also, I am re-reviewing the Tiny Toe Creations leg warmers. Tiny Toe has recently gone through some ownership changes, and they are making changes to the products they carry. I can’t wait to see where they go! They are a great company, and I loved working with them! These leg warmers are very well made and really adorable! They still look brand new, though I have washed them numerous times. Putter’s picks them out almost everytime when I give her a choice of which legs she wants to wear. I think she likes all the colors.. here is a pick of what they look like after over two months of use!

Also even though it isn’t scheduled until the 12th, so I don’t forget it or miss it here is my Tommee Tippee Re-review. I LOVE these sippy cups! Love Love Love Love Love them! We take one with us everywhere! We have been using them for almost three months and except the one time I did not get the straw in correctly we have not had a single leak! They are both in the dishwasher right now though so you will have to take my word on how they look. They are a little banged up. That happens when you have a Totzilla on the loose. She throws them, kicks them, hits people with them, snuggles them, hugs them, and abuses them every other way imaginable.. But they still work. Which is more then I can say for every other brand of sippy cup out there and we have tried them all!

So go check out these great companies, maybe fill a couple of stockings while your there! :o)

Be Blessed..


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