"Sweet Nighty Night" KaWaii Goodnight Diaper Review #1


Up next in my “Sweet Nighty Night” Night Time Diaper Showdown Event is the KaWaii Goodnight Diaper! This big boy comes with two extra thick microfiber inserts to stuff into it’s pocket. I received the yellow hook and loop KaWaii Goodnight diaper from The Luv Your Baby Website.

This diaper is not as trim as the Doopsy, but it is as absorbent! If super trim diapers are not a must have for you the KaWaii goodnight is your night time diaper starting at only $7.50 each! I wish I had requested the snaps version though. Putter’s has discovered a fascination with the sound that Velcro makes, and she has also figured out how to open the Velcro diapers inside her pants!

I have used the KaWaii several times now, all night long each time with no leaks. I have used it for over three hours during the day with no leaks. When I take it off the inserts are completely soaked but the lining feels dry to the touch. I love that! It helps Putter’s sleep better, which means I sleep better. :o)

Here are some pictures of Putter’s modeling the KaWaii Goodnight Diaper:

Someday I will get her hair under control!! :o)

Rear Shot!

Fluffy Butt!! :o)

Be on the lookout for the next segment of the “Sweet Nighty Night” Night Time Diaper Showdown Event in a couple days! I will be gone most of next week, so there won’t be as many segments for the KaWaii, but I will cover the same amount of info! Thanks!

Be Blessed..


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