"Sweet Nighty Night" KaWaii Goodnight Diaper Review #2


I am here today with the KaWaii Goodnight Review Number 2! I know you have all been waiting for it! Today I want to talk about washing and drying. Maybe some other things..LOL

This diaper washes really easily. Putter’s really put it to the test the other day with a poopsplosion, which I thought for SURE was gonna stain! But one cold rinse and there was nothing there. I have found though, as with all my diapers with micro fleece lining, that I have really rinse this type of diaper well or they repel. My washer does a HORRIBLE job of rinsing. So I have four diapers, that I always have to leave in the washer when I pull all the others out, and rinse them by themselves another time. It dries in one cycle, sometime the inserts take an extra twenty minutes, but I think that has more to do with how many diapers I am washing then the inserts, since this does not happen every time. I love the laundry tabs.. they are really strong, and they hold through both wash and dry. IF I remember to close them! I will be picking lint out of hook and loop today.. oops.

Also before use, this diaper weighed 6 oz. After a full night’s wear, by our own beautiful Putt Putt, it weighed in a 17 oz! I do have to tell you that I helped her try this out a little with a full sippy cup of apple juice just before bed. She was awake at 7 am asking me to change her diaper. It was very full! But the lining felt dry.

I still can’t get over that fact that this diaper which seems to be as well made as others, looks a lot like others, has fabulously soft linings and absorbent inserts like others, has stronger hook and loop closures then others, is just a fraction of the price of others! I keep waiting for it to fall apart, or melt or something… but nope. It is doing it’s job wonderfully and keeping it’s youthful looks while working hard too!! And I have put this thing to the test! Believe me!

SO until the next segment.. goodbye!

Be Blessed..


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