"Sweet Nighty Night" KaWaii Goodnight Diaper Review #3


I have been using my KaWaii Goodnight diaper for a little over three weeks now. I love this diaper. It is such a bright cheery color, and holds in everything and then some. It is still getting softer with each wash. The inserts are fluffy, and remain stain free even after several very messy diapers that I thought for sure would stain! It has been a very crazy hectic time here with two birthday’s, Christmas, moving, the kids being away, and everything else that is going on. I am sure with all that the diapers are getting a run for their money! I know that this morning Putter’s was up and about for almost two hours, before it suddenly hit me.. Oh, maybe you need a diaper change! So she had been wearing the KaWaii for well over twelve hours, and with a full cup of juice and a nursing session just before bed, that diaper was LOADED, but leak free!

I do still wish I had gotten the snaps though! It is very warm inside where we have been, and I would love to leave Putters in just a tee shirt and diaper, but she loves to pull off the Velcro!

All in all, there is nothing about this diaper that makes me say I will not buy another, or two, or three! :o) And nothing beats the price! I hope to someday try a regular KaWaii to see if they are as well made. Hint Hint..

My next post will be when we get all moved and settled in our temporary home, and that will be my giveaway post! Hopefully that will be soon! We will be packing up here on Thursday, so I should post that on Friday or Saturday! I am so sorry that this past couple weeks has been so crazy and messed up!! I can’t wait to get back to a regular schedule!

Be Blessed…


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