Sweet Nighty Night Nighttime Diaper Showdown Event.. GoGreen Pocket Diaper "The CHAMP" #1


Introducing… THE CHAMP!! This is a brand new diaper made especially for Nighttime Fire Hydrants from GoGreen Pocket Diapers! This diapers has so many neat features it will take me a couple posting just to tell you about them all! And since we moved and life has been crazily hectic lately, I am just now today, getting to try it out for the first time! I haven’t even used it yet for night time. I put it on Putter’s yesterday, just to get a general idea of fit etc, and she decided to poop in it, so it got about ten minutes of use! But fit it did! There are so many snap options on this baby, that I think it would fit a newborn to size 35 lbs or more, easily! Check out this picture…

See all those pretty multicolored snaps?? That is so you get the right fit EVERY time.. it helps you get the same snaps snapped on each side.. it also helps you tell Hubs or a baby sitter that baby is on the blue snaps or she moved to the purple snaps!! What an awesome idea!! This diaper has a opening on BOTH sides of the pocket so you don’t have to remove the insert to wash, it just tumbles right out. AND the insert SNAPS in so no sorting after washing. It stays attached to the diaper through both the wash and dry. Pull out your diapers and the whole thing in right there! A second insert, if needed, snaps to the first so it doesn’t get lost in the wash either. This was recently called a Soaker Train on GoGreens Facebook page. And I think that name will stick!

This diaper can be used as a pocket diaper or an AI2 (All In 2) Meaning, you can either stuff the diaper insert into the pocket, or you can snap it and ust lay it in the diaper, using the diaper as a shell. I love this because some days it is nice to just be able to pull out the insert and snap in a new one rather then changing the entire diaper! This is great for when you put a nice new clean dipe on baby to have them poop five seconds later! I joke all the time that Putters was just waiting for a clean diaper to poop in. :O)

So without even having used this diaper overnight yet, I am already in love! I recieved the Green Leafy Champ for my review. It is a very pretty green color, not too bright ,and not too dark, but yet a different shade then the other two green diapers I have, which is nice.. who wants several of the same color diaper, when there are so many out there to pick from!?

And that is my first review post of the GoGreen Pocket Diaper “CHAMP”! Hope it got you interested?! I for one, can’t wait to see how it does tonight! No worries, I will fill the Putter’s up with Juice and Milk before bed, so we can give a through testing!!

Be Blessed..


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