Baby Dipper Bowl Review and Giveaway WINNER!!


Out of 56 entries.. and Baby Dipper Bowls has blessed comment number 38 with a brand spanking new Baby Dipper bowl and spoon and fork set… I can tell you from experience, keep those lovely little forks and spoons far far away from the garbage disposals.. oops. Anyway, the winner is:

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@aperry you have 48 hours to respond to the email I will be sending you shortly or I will have to pick a new winner! Thank you and congratulations…

Thank you Baby Dipper Bowls for sponsoring this review and giveaway!! I love your product and hope that lots of mom’s will try it out after reading about it here!

Thanks everyone for playing, and hope you all had a lot of fun! If you didn’t win, please make sure you go check out this set and pick one up for yourself. If you have a young eater, they are well worth the money!

Be Blessed…



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