Sweet Nighty Night Nighttime Diaper Showdown Event.. GoGreen Pocket Diaper "The CHAMP" #2


Wow, everything has been so crazy I almost forgot all about this event! LOL.. I have been using the Go Green Pocket Diaper “CHAMP” a lot.. even in the day time! I have to say I really love this diaper. The only thing it is missing is snaps on the hip.. Putters is so thin that the inside flaps come down and make the legs loose.. but during the night that is not a problem. Just in the day time when she is running around. This diaper is absorbent, apparently comfortable, and cute. I will attempt to come back and get some pictures of Putters wearing it later today.

The inserts do not always stay snapped to the diaper in the wash.. but since they have a snap on them it is very easy to tell which diaper they go in! My biggest problem with diaper laundry right now is getting the right insert in the right diaper! That takes me a while.. and if someone else does the stuffing well.. let’s just say, not very many are volunteering for that job! I really wish diaper makers put tabs with the diaper name on the insert!

The GoGreen CHAMP gets softer and more absorbent with each wash. The customer service is pretty good. I won a diaper from them from another blog just before Christmas but it was lost in the mail and I never got it.. they immediately sent out a new diaper. I can’t wait to get it!

So far I have not had any problems with this diaper other then the hip snap thing.. it washes well, wears well, and still looks brand new after almost two weeks of use! It is easy to stuff.. the colored snaps make it easy for others to use. The other day Putters slept for over 12 hours (she has a cold) and when she woke up, the inserts were totally soaked but she was leak free.. and the inside of the diaper felt dry to the touch! I was amazed!

Be Blessed..


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