Brynn’s Beautiful Bows WINNER!!


I was outside today enjoying the amazingly warm sunshine! There has always been a joke around here that the end of January, the beginning of February are our warmest and most beautiful times of year! And the weather lately is again proving that to be true! On our walk today it was actually too warm for sweatshirts, and I actually went barefoot most of the way! My reluctance to come inside is why this giveaway is closing late! Putters and I were out in the yard playing with a giant yoga ball!

The day started out great, then Math time hit.. and hit hard! Three kids were very uncooperative in that subject today. When they finally finished, I put Putter’s down for her nap and disappeared to take a hot bubble bath! Yeah, that bad of a math time!! LOL.. after that, Putter’s woke up and we headed out! Hubs is making dinner.. creamy tomato soup, so the day is ending much better now!

All that aside.. is blessing out of 85 entries, number 45, with a beautiful, sure to make you smile at least a little bit at that time of month, Mama Cloth!

Selina said… CommentsCounter=CommentsCounter+1; document.write(CommentsCounter) 45

I entered your GoGreen Champ giveaway!

Glad you entered that other giveaway Selina!! :O)

Thanks everyone for playing, and THANK YOU Brynn’s Beautiful Bows for sponsoring this great giveaway!! Blessings to all… enjoy the sunshine if you have it!



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