"Sweet Nighty Night" Forward Thinking Bamboo Night Time Diaper Review!!


Cheryl over at Forward Thinking was a huge help to me in December! When Putter’s outgrew half her diapers, and we couldn’t afford more, she exchanged us for several of her adorable diapers! Along with those diapers she sent me for review her newest addition to her diaper family! Introducing the Forward Thinking Night Time Bamboo Diaper!

When I first got the package, I thought Cheryl had forgotten the bamboo diaper! It looks the same as the others! The only way I could tell it was different was that it had no print! If you look closely it is actually the SAME size, and even a little smaller then her other diapers! It stretches out to be the same size as the others though, and fits just like they do. This night time diaper is SO TRIM it’s unbelievable! So my next thought was of course, NO WAY will this hold all night! And boy was I wrong!! I put it to the test in the day time first… and after three hours of soaking, Putters finally let me know she needed a change. But it wasn’t even soaked! So after a washing, I put it on her at night. While cringing.. cause I thought for sure it was gonna leak, or she would be awake at 2 AM wanting a diaper change! Putter’s HATES to be wet at night! Not that I blame her.. but I would much rather sleep then change diapers in the middle of the night, call me crazy! I paired it with my Nifty Nappy wool cover, cause I don’t have a Forward Thinking wool cover, and no way was I trying it with a regular PUL cover! And in the morning was amazed that I had gotten to sleep all night! I got Putters out of bed, and her jammies were DRY!! Oh my! It worked!! The next time I put her to bed with a regular PUL cover from Forward Thinking, and though the edges of the cover were a little damp, it didn’t leak! On my next post, I will try to get pictures of Putt Putt wearing the diaper!

Be Blessed..

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