My Last Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers Re-Review!!

We have all heard that Nifty Nappy will be going out of business, let’s help Vilate go out with a BANG!

My Nifty Nappy diaper and wool cover was one of the first items I reviewed almost 6 months ago!! And it is one of my favorite diapers… if it’s clean it’s the one I always grab first. It is so soft, and seems so comfy on her, and fits her so well! The woolie wrap is bullet proof, I have NEVER had a leak, even when the diaper has leaked! Here it is after 6 months of almost daily wash and use.. still looking brand new! Look at that fit!! No gaps, no red marks, and it is still so soft and adorable!!

The last day to buy Nifty Nappy Diapers and Woolie Wraps is February 10th!! Don’t miss
out on the chance to own one or two or three of the best diapers out there!! I know I wish I had a few more!! Especially the one that has cute little VW bugs on them and says Putt Putt.. cause that would just be awesome for Putt Putt to be running around in a Nifty Nappy Putt Putt diaper!! Well, Vilate calls it the “Fill ‘Er Up” Diaper but still..

You can go here to find a list of retailers that carry Nifty Nappy products!

Be Blessed..


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