Why Have Our School Days Suddenly Gotten Easier?


I stopped teaching school.. my kids just run wild every day… haha.. I am just kidding. There have been times where I thought that would be the only way to MAKE the school day easier.. but I never actually went that far!

No, I was introduced to this AWESOME blog.. Confessions Of A Homeschooler! And while I know that this idea was not hers, this is the first place I have seen it put into action! I discovered, through her, the WorkBox System! You can check it out for yourself there at that link. I had to come up with a slightly different system, as we just do not have room for each child to have a set of boxes. I use one box system. In each box (we have 6 boxes, one for supplies, and 5 for subjects) I have a folder for each child. Each child has 5 folders labeled with their name and numbered 1-5. Each evening I fill up the folders and place the corresponding folder in the numbered box it goes in. In the morning, each child finds the first folder. (they have to go in order 1-5) When they have finished the school work in all 5 boxes, they are done for the day. This has eliminated whining about how much more do I have, or when will I be done. I simply say when box 5 is done, you are done! It works great. I only takes me maybe twenty minutes a day to fill up the boxes. When they finish a box they put their work on top of the box system. I grade it and file it just before refilling the boxes. If they need something to complete that subject all supplies are in the top box. Out of reach of Putters, but easily accessible to them!

Since implementing this WorkBox System, school went from taking 6-7 hours, to everyone is almost always done by lunch time!! WOW! Why? Because they no longer spend hours whining about how much more work do they have to do! It’s out of my hands! I am no longer the bad guy! I no longer have to say, you still have history, science and reading to do… nope.. the box is now the bad guy and they can’t argue with it! When they hit box 5, they know that they are almost done.. if they are still on box 2, they know that they have 3 more to go. PERIOD. It is SO nice!!

Be Blessed..


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