"Sweet Nighty Night" Cow Patties FPF Review!


This is my final diaper for the “Sweet Nighty Night” Series. I know.. I know.. I want to do more.. but, I haven’t been able to get any more night time dipes to review! Not only that… I am WAY behind on this series.. it was supposed to be over in January!

Today, I bring you the Cow Patties Famous Pocket Fitted! Now I know WHY this night time diaper is Famous! It is literally leak proof. Even though it is a fitted and says it requires a cover, the only reason I put one on, is to keep the Putters from pulling the snappi off. The outside of the diaper is never even damp, and once, it was on her for 14 hours while she snoozed from 9:00 p.m. to almost 11:00 a.m.!! It was totally soaked inside, but dry to the touch on the outside. This is the FPF I was sent for review..

The outside of the FPF and the insert that folds up to go in it. I fold it tri-fold.

The inside of the FPF.. Super soft and absorbent.

Sorry these pictures are so dark!

I have been using this diaper for, gee, four weeks, (see.. waaayyyy behind!) and have never had an issue with it. It goes on easily, well as easily as it can with a squirming toddler. But it stays on, and I have never had a leak or red marks. I wish I asked for snaps, as that would just be so much easier with a squirming baby, but that is my only problem. The snappi works great, but Putters knows how to take it off, so I have to put a cover on even when it doesn’t really need one. I would definitely buy more of these. At only $18 they are a steal! The insert is made of two long layers of Bamboo fleece that fold up to make 10-12 layers of super absorbent insert!

Cow Patties also sells covers, pockets, AI2’s and more.. you can see all their products here.

I will continue this review in a couple days, with a weigh in, and more! In the meantime go find some diaper on Cow Patties Web site you can’t live without!

Be Blessed..


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