Blissful Booty Diaper WINNER!!


WOW!! I think this was my most entered giveaway that wasn’t LIVE!! I am thinking everyone wants a Blissful Booty Diaper! I just got my smaller sized Blissful Booty in the mail, and I am even MORE in love!! IT fits so great, no leaks, no red marks..and is SUPER soft inside!! I just can’t find anything wrong with it! The inside gussets have kept some pretty loose bowel movements right where they belong.. IN THE DIAPER!!

The wipe spray is still a favorite. I find myself using more then it really takes, and spraying things I probably shouldn’t with it, just so I can use it all up and try a different scent! LOL…

The sugar scrub is just amazing, it leaves my skin and Little Mama’s who is using it, just cause she’s a girl (that’s what she told me!) so soft and smooth and so yummy smelling.

Anyway.. I am late picking a winner because first Putters got a virus, with a double ear infection and a nasty cold, that went right to her throat and chest. She has just been miserable and enjoys making me miserable.. I am not allowed to move, or cook, or sleep, or even get myself some water.. :O) She is starting to feel better, thank goodness!! This is actually the first time she has ever been seriously sick!! I think that at almost 20 months old that is a miracle!

Then my mom’s computer caught a virus and just started randomly deleting things.. Like my entire profile. So she had to completely wipe it and reload every piece of information on it. That has taken two or three days, and she is still slowly adding things back on!

Now I AM SICK.. so I am going to announce the winner now, email them, go serve dinner, and find some dark hole to crawl into.. and sleep for a week.

And the winner is: a first time winner here I think!!

Mrs.Smitty said… 206

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Congrats Mrs. Smitty!! I will be emailing you shortly, you will have 48 hours to respond to that email with your
1. Full Name
2. Diaper size and color
3. Shipping Address
4. email address

If you do not respond, I will have to pick a new winner!! I really don’t want to so please respond! :O) I hope you all had LOTS of fun, and thank you all for playing! Thanks Blissful Booty for sponsoring and letting me try your GREAT products! I had a lot of fun…

Be Blessed…


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