Scentsy Love??


I keep hearing about Scentsy.. I have even heard some people love it so much they are SELLING their beloved cloth diapers to buy more Scentsy!! I was amazed at this and finally decided I had to give it a try! So I asked for a few samples and they arrived yesterday. Unfortunately I do not have a warmer, but I thought I would at least get an idea of the scents.

I LOVE candles, but as those of you with kids and pets know, they just aren’t safe. Especially when you have kids like I do, who like to tempt the flame and do everything they can to burn themselves!! So the whole Scentsy idea sounded great to me! I received three samples, Clean Breeze, Shades Of Green, and Jumpin’ Jelly Bean. I think the Jelly Bean is my favorite, my secret addiction is Jelly Bellies. The other two kind of smelled like scented soap, which isn’t bad, they have a nice clean smell. It may be different when they are warmed though. Which leads me to another point.. the cost of a warmer! $30!? No wonder those with this new addiction are having to pawn off previous addictions like diapers to pay for this one! And I have no idea how much the actual Scentsy stuff is?!

So, while the smell is wonderful, and the safety of Scentsy is beyond compare, and I would REALLY love to own a warmer and some more scents, I think I, for one, will be keeping my diapers for now!

I will use these samples like potpourri in my sock drawer though.. now every where I go, I will smell like Jelly Beans!

Be Blessed…


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  1. Each Scentsy bar is $5. I have my first warmer on it's way as we speak, it is definitely worth the price, the scents last a long time. I threw a Scentsy party from 1-3 in the afternoon. We turned the warmers off at 3pm and my consultant took them home. When my husband got home that night, well after 8 pm, he asked me if I was burning a new candle because the house smelled so good! Also, I got my warmer for 1/2 off when I hosted my party. I got a warmer and three bars of scent for $20!! Very doable! Don't sell your diapers, but do give Scentsy a try!