Frustration and More Frustration!!


Yesterday started out great! The chores were done, school was done, kids were not fighting.. and then I had to go to my follow up doctor appointment! Downhill it went from there!

First let me start with, my appointment was originally the day before.. I rushed through the chores, rushed through school, rushed through a shower, rushed the kids to my moms, and since I was walking, rushed to the doctors office, only to get there and discover I had missed their phone call rescheduling my appointment for the next day!

Ok, I was fine with that. But yesterday, when I got there for my rescheduled appointment, I was told first that my insurance (Oregon Health Plan) still hadn’t come through, and so my appointment would not be covered. I was there not only for a post surgery checkup but to have an $1,100 IUD put in to prevent future pregnancies, until my health problems clear up. Since I didn’t have health insurance for the IUD I was sent to the local health department for some birth control pills to cover everything until the insurance was straightened out. I also got the bill for my surgery yesterday.. over $11,000 and more bills (lab work etc) are still coming in! Now I wonder if OHP is going to cover ANY of it!! Talk about stress!!

Then I asked what the biopsy results were on the tissue mass that they removed. They couldn’t find them. After over half and hour of phone calls, my lab results were not anywhere to be found. This is the test that tells whether or not this mass was cancerous!!! And they are lost!!! It’s not like they can redo the test! I was flabbergasted!! (Just love that word, I mean how often does one get to use it?!) I also have to mention the fact I have received the $600 bill for this test that they cannot find!!

Then I was told, oh no! The waiting room is full and we still haven’t done your post surgery exam! Can you come back tomorrow?!

After all this, I headed for the health department, where I was told I would have to schedule an appointment and come back in for birth control or to have an IUD put in.. and the closest appointment time was three weeks away!! I was given a little baggie of goodies to use in the meantime and sent home. Where of course it was after 5:00 P.M. and I still had dinner to make!

Thank God for neighbors that fish!! I was able to re-heat the fried perch they brought over the day before, cut up some potatoes and toss them in the oven for oven fries, and open a couple cans of turnip greens, and get dinner on the table on time!

Then I got a phone call from the doctors office saying they finally tracked down my lab tissue, but it is a 22 day test, and the results won’t be ready until around the 26th of the month. For some reason, legally the lab can not tell my doctor’s office this information, and they had to call the hospital’s lab manager at home to get her to call the lab the tissue was sent to to find this out.

And that was my day!! I hope all yours was better!! Today, we are hanging out on the couch watching Narnia… :O) Until it’s time for me to go to today’s rescheduled appointment! I am glad though that I have calmed down enough now to be able to laugh about yesterday!

Be Blessed…


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