Cloth Diapering on the Fly For Cheap!


I have had several people comment that their baby is due soon and they only have one or two diapers!! AHHHHH!! What to do!?

I remember when Putter’s was born and I was determined to use cloth on her. We brought her home from the hospital and pulled out the cute little Kushies Grandma had bought her. They were HUGE!! Wait though! She was 8 lbs at birth, and these diapers say 8-40 lbs!

I wish I had known about prefolds and covers then! Instead we bought disposable diapers until FINALLY at over 4 months old those Kushies started to fit. And even though I researched other brands, when it was time to buy more, I bought more Kushies, because that was all I knew. It wasn’t long before those Kushies started to fail. They didn’t fit right. They caused rashes because they didn’t breathe. But I couldn’t afford a whole new stash. I looked around on the internet and discovered blogs. So I started one up. I started getting diapers to review, but they just weren’t coming fast enough!! I had to ditch those Kushies.. when Putter was 5 1/2 months old, I found a website called Fern and Faerie, that showed how to make your own flat fold diapers. If you can sew, which I can’t, you can also find simple patterns for making prefolds and fitted diapers too!

I went out to the thrift store and found a couple flannel sheets that were in good condition for $2 each! I brought them home, prepped them and cut them up! I now had 24 flat fold diapers! I didn’t even sew up the edges. I just used those ones for home and saved my couple of other diapers for church or going out! I used the one Snappi I had with them. A Snappi is a stretchy rubber T-shape with little teeth that works like diaper pins, but are much safer! You can get a Snappi for only a couple dollars. I love my snappi!

For the next few months I used my few review diapers, the few diapers my sister sent me and those flat fold diapers with the 2 covers I had, one wool and one fleece. I love fleece covers and you can find them for as little as $5! Fleece is practically waterproof and much cheaper then wool! Over the months, through reviews and hand me downs I now have enough pocket and fitted diapers that I no longer use my flat folds. In fact most of them were cut up to make wipes with. But I actually miss them at times! I was very proud of my ingenuity, and the fact that I saved hundreds of dollars for our family!

All this to say, you can cloth diaper a newborn without spending a fortune on newborn cloth diapers! With a couple good flannel sheets, and 2-3 good covers, you can diaper your newborn baby through 4-5 months. This gives you plenty of time to find a diaper that works for you, and slowly build up your stash! Which now that I have been doing this for a while, I now know that you want to shop around for the right cloth diaper. What works for someone else won’t work for you. What works for you, won’t work for others! It’s hard to tell what will work for you before the baby is born but prefolds, and flat folds with a good cover pretty much work for everyone, at least for a while! :O)

Be Blessed…


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  1. I loved reading this, it's almost exactly what I'm doing right now! My daughter's 6mos and we used disposables until very recently. I turned a big stack of hand-me-down receiving blankets and baby towels into some fitteds and flat folds. I had two diaper pins already so it was free.
    And I was inspired to do that thanks to fern and fairy too. Now I can't believe I waited so long thinking I had to spend tons of money.
    I just started my own blog and posted how I made my fitteds, you should check it out! 🙂