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I love the blog called MckMama! It is always very well written, funny, and usually starts some great “discussions”. She is very forthright in what she says. Tells it like it is. Today, she has a great post titled, “It’s Just A Cat!” I have always felt this way… while we love our pets, they are just pets. They are not humans, they are not more important then humans. At times there are people that put animals in a place above humans. This is wrong.

We were put here on this Earth, by God, to care for all that He created. It states so in Genesis. It also states that were are a little lower then God, and above all that He created. MckMama is now being fired at because her cat is expecting! She is being called irresponsible. It amazes me! This is a family that has traveled to Africa, and helped those WAY less fortunate then any of us are or ever will be! They help provide clean drinking water all around the world to families who don’t have drinkable water. And they do more. But they are irresponsible because they have a pregnant cat!? The cat hasn’t even given birth yet, and people already assume that these kittens will be rushed away to some animal shelter doomed to die! I mean, really!!

Another blog, that MckMama posted about, Single Dad Laughing, the poor guy is under fire because he is looking for a new dog! I remember taking our dogs to our local shelter because we could not find a home to rent that accepted pets. We tried for weeks, and were down to three days before our move date, before we finally decided that a home for our children was more important then having our dogs! Did we hate that decision?! YES! But for the sake of our children, we did something that was unbelievably hard to do. The local shelter here was great and found both our dogs great new homes, and they are better taken care of now then when we had them! When we moved out into the country, we adopted another dog. She has been a great part of our life, and fits perfectly into our family. But, if it came between her and the kids.. she would be out in a heartbeat. We gave one dog away because he bit my son when he got too close to his dog food. Another dog cost us hundreds in dollars because she chewed everything she could get a hold of, including walls, and even dug a hole in our floor once. It has taken us several years, and several dogs to find the perfect dog for us. We always took great care to make sure our dogs went to good homes when they didn’t fit in with our family. And I am sure that Single Dad Laughing did too.

But everyone misses the picture. Everyone gets all upset about the pregnant cat, or that dog that didn’t fit in, and misses the real point. The kids that will get a major life lesson about life and birth when that cat has it’s kittens. Or the lesson they will learn when it’s time to find good homes. The lesson of taking care of a loved pet, even when it’s time for that pet to move on. The lesson that not EVERY dog or cat is for you! A lesson that animal hoarders missed out on maybe?

People miss the fact that while, yes, animals are uselessly being put to sleep, thousands of children every day are starving, going without education, dying from lack of clean water, or bad medical care. Millions of babies are being killed without even a chance at life. But let’s all waste our time and energy letting some mother know how irresponsible she is because she let her cat get pregnant!!

I very rarely get into “discussions” such as this, and I even more rarely post about stuff like this. But frankly, it mad me mad. We bloggers blog to tell about OUR life. To have a “log” we can look back at later, and say “wow, I almost forgot all about that day!” Not to called irresponsible, or sent threatening messages! If you don’t like what we write about, go find another blog to read. Or write your own. It just always amazes me that everyone is entitled to their own opinions as long as that opinion matches theirs. We have freedom of speech as long as our speech coincides with theirs. We can believe what we want as long as we believe what they do.

Sorry if this post offends anyone, but I just had to say something!! I have been really blessed with readers who allow me to have my own thoughts and opinions, and not fired at me because I do something I choose to do. And I really do appreciate that! It almost makes me feel guilty that I have such great readers… it still amazes me that I have readers at all! I would love it if you guys could take a moment or two and go send these guys some love. They really are amazing people, who do a lot of good even if they let their cat get pregnant or decide to get a new dog. :O)

If anyone is looking for a new kitten, make sure you let MckMama know!

Be Blessed…


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