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I’m not sure if you’ve heard of or have used Scentsy, and if you haven’t I’d love you to try our product. I know you do reviews and such and may not do this on your site without trying it but I wanted to tell you about this special and VERY limited cancer fundraiser. I sell for Scentsy and this was a big hit, I want to sell as many of these warmers as possible to help Scentsy donate even more money to cancer foundations
I just wanted to let you know what Scentsy has done. They have decided to re release the past 2 cancer charity warmers on May 1st. They are only available while supplies last.
The last cause warmer was the Breast Cancer warmer and they donated over $600,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation from the proceeds of the warmers. The other warmer is the Sunshine Kids Warmer. The Sunshine Kids Foundation has been providing positive, exciting group activities for children receiving cancer treatments in hospitals over North America, at no charge to the kids and their parents, since 1982. I’m not sure how much money was donated to that foundation, as it was before my time with Scentsy.
Scentsy is all about paying it forward. I just wanted you and everyone else to know about these awesome warmers. Visit my website on May 1st to ensure you get one. It will be under the Closeout Items portion on the left side of the page (after you’ve clicked the buy tab on the main page).
Thank you so much! I’m not sure if you want to share it or not on FB but I just wanted to make you aware 🙂 My facebook business page is Heather Emmert-Independent Scentsy Consultant.

Heather Emmert
Independent Scentsy Consultant
(937) 867-2230

I know lots of my readers LOVE scentsy… SO I think we can all help out!! :O)

Be Blessed…


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