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Yesterday morning I woke up with a slight headache and some pressure above my eyes. My noon, I was on the couch pretty much in tears for the rest of the day. Extra strength Tylenol did NOTHING and I finally resorted to taking one of the pain pills they gave me after my surgery. That knocked me out, after making me dizzy and loopy for a while! They are stronger then Vicodin, and I have trouble with Tylenol so you can imagine! I finally admitted, I have a sinus infection and spent about an hour with a hot pad over my face, and then sitting in the bathroom with the hot water running for steam. The headache was horrific yesterday, and I am praying that the slight headache I have today won’t again turn into that nightmare!! We are moving into an upstairs and larger (with ocean view!!) apartment today and tomorrow, so I kind of need to be able to help!!

The winner of the Wonderfully elegant candle is Number 24!!! Congrats Anne Perry!!

Anne said:

aperry said… 24


I have to say that I had to pick FOUR different winners because the first three did not include their email addresses!! Please remember to put your email address in EVERY comment when entering a giveaway! Almost every blog I know requires this, not just mine!! It just makes it easier for us bloggers when we have hundreds of entries to find your email address!!

Thanks for playing everyone, and congrats Anne! I will be sending you an email shortly and you will have 48 hours to respond or I will have to pick another winner!! Thank you Wonderfully Elegant for sponsoring and being so patient with me!! :O)

Be Blessed..


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