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>First Winner on the New Blog…


>I just announced the first winner on the new blog. The Lulu’s Lids Tawashi giveaway ended last night at four.. so head on over to see if you won.. while you there take a minute to subscribe.. either through your wordpress account (which makes it super easy to subscribe or add comments) or through email.. You will need to do this to enter any open giveaways. Being subscribed for comments, or through Networked Blogs will not work for giveways… The only reason being that I need the subscriber numbers to be allowed to do reviews/giveaways! If you already follow through Networked Blogs you will NOT have to re-follow.. I was able to change that to the new blog. But I can not bring all the google info over with me, so you will have to subscribe over there to follow me.

On going or open giveaways are ALL listed on the right hand side at the top on the Ongoing Giveaways page in the first widget.

Thanks everyone..
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Lulu’s Lids WINNER and OOPS I Missed Memorial Day!!

Standard made it easy on me  today while I was figuring this new stuff all out!  It chose number ONE to win a set of Lulu’s Lids Tawashi Kitchen Scrubbers!! Congrats What Mama Wants!!You have 48 hours to answer the email I am sending you to claim your prize! If you didn’t win, head on over to Lulu’s Lids and buy yourself a set!! You won’t be sorry!! I love this little scrubbers, they are all I use now in the kitchen!

What Mama Wants said… “GFC follower and I love the skunk hat!”

Thanks everyone for participating and following me over here and Lulu’s Lids for sponsoring the review and giveaway!

I also just realized that I completely MISSED Memorial Day!! I spent all day yesterday working on the computer changing the blog over and didn’t do anything that I had planned to do with the kids or the blog to celebrate our soldiers. I am SO sorry and still can’t believe I didn’t even see any other posts etc to remind me!! I was pretty engrossed in HTML etc…

I want to thank every soldier and their families present, past and future for your sacrifice for our country. May you be blessed. Our freedom is NOT free and you are the ones that pay the price for it, and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and give up for mine and my families freedom. God Bless You!!


Preparation- The Excellent Wife Challenge Day 2


First off I want to say… I am NOT an excellent wife. This is an area I am majorly struggling with, but that God is changing in me. I am on a journey, and am inviting you to go along with me as we discover just who that woman is in Proverbs 31, and how we could possibly even dream to be like her.  I want this to be open to discussion but please be kind in your words, just because you don’t agree with something said, doesn’t mean you have to be mean.

Hey! Come on in! Gotta drink and a snack!? Make yourself comfortable! I am so happy you could stop by for a visit!

Today I wanted to look at the argument that the Bible “does not state that women need to be beautiful”. They are right, it doesn’t. No where does the Bible exhort a women to be beautiful or else, that I could find anyway! Why? Because we already are! The bible also states that we are to flee beauty. That it is fleeting and vanity. That we are not to dwell on it. But why, when God so obviously worked so hard to make beauty? The Bible clearly states that we are made in the  image of God Himself. It also states that God made EVERYTHING beautiful, but we spend way too much time, energy and money on what the world thinks is beauty! Too often we as women (and men!) confuse sexiness with true beauty.

But does this mean that we are not to spend any time preparing ourselves for our groom?

Let’s see… The Bible also clearly states that our bodies are a temple. We wouldn’t stand idly by while our church fell into disrepair. If the roof was leaking,  it would be fixed. In the meantime we care for our churches by keeping them clean, neat and pretty. In the same way we are to care for and be faithful stewards of our bodily temples. This does not mean that we are to strive for Hollywood/barbie doll figures. It means that we are to strive to be what God made us to be, and to be comfortable in that uniqueness.  No one person is like another. How can we base our beauty on what someone else looks like, when we are nothing like them nor made to be like them! At the same time, we are to respect and honor God by caring for what he gave us. That means healthy food choices, exercising, taking care of the upkeep of the temple that we praise God in.  Proverbs 31 states that the Excellent wife girded herself with strength… she remained active, and healthy. We shouldn’t always exercise to lose weight.. but to care for our temple.

In the book of Esther, there is a lot of talk about her preparations. There were baths, and scented clothing, and beauty treatments to prepare her to come before her husband. This was AFTER she was married, not just before! There has always  been a tie in for how we are to prepare ourselves to come before God, with prayer and supplication and clothing ourselves with humility. There is rarely a tie in to the fact that she prepared to come before her husband here on earth. She took the time to dress neatly, to clean herself, and to PRAY. She came before her husband with an attitude of humility and submission. The first words out of her mouth were, “If it pleases you…” What an awesome example of how we are to show respect to her husband. I realize that at this time a wrong word could of had her banished… but I don’t think that is the point here.. Esther could of chosen to not go before him at all. Or to bother to prepare herself.

In Proverbs 31 it states that the Excellent wife was clothed in fine linen of purple (which was a sign of wealth or even royalty) and that she sought quality clothing for her household. In the Bible the temples were always finely clothed with fine linens with gold and silver, and fine wood.  It was a symbol of worship, of praise for the temples to be beautifully, yet tactfully prepared for worship times. Why should our bodily temples be any less prepared them then our churches?  Again, I am not saying you should wake up and get ready every morning for a beauty pageant. In fact most men I talk to would rather us women STOP wearing make up at all! Or tone it way down! Isn’t that a thought? And why is this? Because we take the time to listen to the TV commercials, and what the world says is beautiful then what our own husbands think. Have you ever thought to ask your husband if he thinks you look better with or without or with less make up? You might be surprised… and he might think it’s a trick question and stammer his way right out of the house. But it wouldn’t hurt to ask would it? It also doesn’t mean that we should break the budget to buy fancy clothing.. there are places to get nice clothes for a fraction of the price.. remember the Proverbs 31 woman SOUGHT out her clothing… Think of it as a treasure hunt. Where can I get the clothing I need (the jewel) for the best price. You would be surprised at what you can find in some thrift stores.. I get a thrill at finding a gem in those places.

I once had a friend that needed clothes so badly for her son.. she had enough to buy her son a jacket at the local thrift store, but he needed way more. She found a brand new brand name $150 coat for $5. She was so excited about that jacket!! She got it home and went to toss it in the wash, and in the pocket was a $100 bill. The thrift store manager told her she had bought it. And she was able to buy the rest of the clothing her son needed. God hides His blessings, his treasures, in the most unexpected places! We just have to look. As women, it’s an innate,  need, longing,  to find these blessings. Have you ever run across that perfect item you have been searching for, and it just gives your heart a boost?  God instilled that desire to have the best for  your family in you, and He will help you fulfill it, though it may not always be with the ways, or things you think it will.

I had to throw this one in here.. Wink!

For those of us who wish to please our husbands but feel you just don’t have the time, or your just way too tired after caring for kids, and cleaning the house and reading blogs all day… bargain for it!  For me, for a long time spending time with Hubs just felt like one more thing I had to add to my list of things to do. It was a must do, but I did it like it was a chore and sometimes with the same enthusiasm I tackled a pile of dishes with! Then I read this tip somewhere else.. don’t remember where.. and it changed everything! Hubs now (when he’s home) makes breakfast most days, so I can get a few more minutes of sleep, then come out ready for a day, dressed with a hair and teeth brushed.  .. So seriously… tell him, I really want to be able to relax and enjoy some time with you tonight, but by the time the kids are in bed and the dishes are done, I am going to be ready to go to sleep. Or I want to greet you in the morning freshly showered and dressed for the day, but the baby always needs that diaper changed.. could you take over that one change for me, and I will make sure you have an unlimited supply of your favorite cookies this week.  Or maybe we could trade.. One night a week, you take over the evening routine, and I get ONE hour of uninterrupted time in the bathroom or our bedroom, or coffee with a friend, or a bible study without kids,  and then another night YOU get an hour of uninterrupted time to do something that refreshes you. The nights that are left we do it all together! You never know… it could work. And you would both be getting special story book times with the kids, while you tuck them in and feel a lot more refreshed.. What husband wouldn’t want his wife to be refreshed, clean from a hot scented bubble bath right before bedtime if you get my meaning.. 🙂

Today’s Challenge.. what are ways that YOU confuse the world’s beauty for God’s beauty? How can  you rectify that? How can you work to prepare yourself to come before your husband… not just physically, but spiritually and not just your earthly husband but your heavenly.

There are times I will come across a person that I just cringe to talk to.. or will completely avoid because of their looks or attitude. I have been spending time trying to look at people as if I were seeing God. In reality I am. Because they are made in His image. I know that I could stand to approach Hubs much more respectfully, and humbly. That I should pray FOR him much  more often then I do. And that old stand by… dressing to please him, taking time to think, will this make my husband proud to stand by side, if we were seen together while I was wearing this, taking a moment or two to do something JUST for him, to show him that I care.

Be Blessed…


Do you notice that I do not give Bible references for any of this? At least not directly.. for one.. I am not a Bible Scholar.. I am having trouble remembering the books of the Bible to teach them to my kids! 🙂 For two.. I want YOU to look something up if you want to read it for yourself, and make your own conclusions after much prayer about what it says and how it applies to you! Too often, we only hear part of a biblical story, the part that can be tweaked to say what we want it to say! I want you to be free to search the Scriptures for yourself for these passages, read them thoroughly, and apply what you feel God nudging into your heart! If you do not have a Bible or have trouble finding passages I would be more then  happy to help you find it, or to direct you to an online bible program!

>Thirsties Duo Wrap Review and Giveaway!!


>I have posted a new Thirsties Duo Wrap Giveaway over on the new blog.. you MUST be a subscriber to the wordpress blog to enter.. head on over.. THANK YOU!!

If you become a subscriber there to enter the Thirsties Giveaway, and you are a subscriber here already.. you will get 4 extra entries!!! That is ON TOP of the five extra entries I gave everyone for every open giveaway, just for the trouble!! 

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Thirsties Duo Wrap Review and Giveaway CLOSED!!!


Time for the Flats and Giveaway Challenge Giveaway Number Five!

Thirsties sent me this cute Duo Wrap to use during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge. I had at first asked for a Thirsties cover, then discovered that they didn’t come with snaps. Putter’s LOVES velcro.. she will sit ALL day opening and closing it. So thought I had to have a cover that snapped. Thirsties sent me this one instead. I loved it. I have tried it with pad, origami, kite and diaper bag folded flats and there was plenty of room for all. It even worked over a pad folded bamboo flat diaper inside a kite folded birdseye cotton diaper for night time. I have no had a single leak with this cover the entire challenge! And Putter’s really put it to the test, about half way through the week she got a little ill, and had some runny poo. The cover wiped clean very easily, and for the times I wanted it cleaner, I hand washed it in the sink and hung it to dry. It was ready to use again in just a few hours.

I have to say, that another company sent me a Thirsties hook  and loop closure cover to use too, and I actually really liked it. Even though Putters was able to get it off a couple times, the velcro was super strong and she really had to work at it. So either cover would be perfect for your fitted’s or flats. They both fit really well, I was able to get a snugger fit with the cover, but the wrap was pretty cute and stayed on! They will both definitely fit Putters beyond potty training!

You can buy these covers, along with pocket diapers, fitteds, prefolds, diaper detergent and more at the Thirsties website. or visit their retailer page to see if there is a retailer near you!

Thirsties has offered one blessed reader their choice of a Thirsties Duo Wrap or a cover, in your choice of solid or print!  Thank you Thirsties!!


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I was up til almost 2 am last night, fighting with Blogger..until I fell asleep on my keyboard. This is the third night in a row! I can’t take it anymore, especially since Putter’s and Clown are early, early risers!! I am moving to WordPress. I am working on figuring out how to move my follow info over, but in the meantime, please feel free to stop by the new site and take a look. Up at the top of the page is the subscribe button.. one click and you are subscribed, if you are already signed up with WordPress.  I would LOVE for my totally awesome fans to move with me!

So far I have found it to be SOOOO much easier!It would be worth starting all over just to not be stressed that everything is going to disappear again! But hopefully my mom (my local geek) will be able to help me figure out those instructions for moving google info over with me! This is the page I used to get started… If you have more computer know how then I do, you may be able to figure it on your own!

Here is the blog’s new home address:

Thanks everyone for your understanding and patience. ALL the comments have been moved over I believe, so this will NOT effect any giveaways that are already going! To thank you for you patience, EVERYONE entered in a giveaway can take FIVE extra entries into EVERY giveaway that you have entered!! Just label them MOVING 1-5!!

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