I Am Taking The Challenge… WILL YOU??


You all know, if you’ve read my posts, that I had a rough start cloth diapering! With 6 kids, and a tiny income, it would of been easier to just go grab a pack of disposables from the nearest store. But I stuck with it. Even making my own flat folds from a cheap second hand store flannel sheet or two! So when I read about this challenge, and that some parents are on such tight budgets they feel they have to re-use disposable diapers by drying them with blow dryers, and lining them with toilet paper, or leaving them on those poor babies until they have no choice but to change them, well, I had to join! For this challenge I will be using ONLY flat fold diapers, which you can buy for about $15 per dozen, or make for free or for a few dollars, and no more then 5 covers. Which I can not make, but those of you with the magic sewing gene can, or you can buy for about $4-6 a piece. I will NOT be allowed the use of a washing machine, dryer, or diaper sprayer. The purpose of this challenge to show parents that cloth diapering is possible with ANY budget.

I have a medium size, 8 gallon plastic tote filled to the brim, well, maybe overflowing, just a little, with cloth diapers that I have not spent more then $10-15 on! There are ways to cloth diaper for less then the cost of a package of disposable diapers! Of course not everyone can start a review blog, right?! So during this challenge, and before it, I will be posting HOW to cloth diaper on the cheap, how to prep and wash your cheap cloth, and how to get started on your stash! Before baby is here, or after baby is here. With a washer and dryer or without. With the great accessories like diaper sprayers or without. So be on the lookout from now until May 30 for great posts on how to cloth diaper with little or no money and the many different ways to do it!

I will not use more then $50-$75 to get my weeks worth of flat fold diapers and covers, but I will also show you how to get them for way less! The main purpose of my blog is to help Stay At Home Mom’s stay at home, with their work at home businesses, so I will have sponsors that supply my stash, and that helps them get out the word of their businesses. Hopefully I will be hosting some great giveaways during the week too!

You will be surprised to learn what can be used to diaper your baby safely! And before you think, I can’t do it! I can’t sew, I am not creative.. Guess what?? Either can I!! I have broken more sewing machines, and thrown more craft items in frustration then any other person you or I know put together… But I did cloth diaper my baby with diapers that I made! And you can to!

I want those that have internet availability to know that you will have complete access to these posts.. if you know of somewhere you can print them out, make copies and post them, where those who may not have internet access can see them, doctors offices, WIC offices, bus stations, high schools, colleges, please do so! Let’s get as many babies out of nasty disposables and into safe cloth as we can!!

Be blessed…


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I am a SAHM of 6 kids, and I homeschool, cloth diaper, wear my toddler, used to breastfeed, cook from scratch, not so crunchy mama. Hubs is a chef, and loves to cook. We go to church when we can, and I love to learn new things about how to be a better wife and mother.

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  1. thinking about it, even bought some cheap flats from target. I have 4 econobum covers from cottonbabies second section I got for $5 each. They are a great cheap cover.
    flats $12
    covers $20
    can't get any cheaper then that!!