Flats and Handwashing Challenge…. Different Kinds Of Flats!


I am amazed! I started looking into flat fold diapers for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, thinking this would be easy! They are all made out of birdseye cotton right?! Nope.. there are hemp flats, bamboo flats, flannel flats, flour sack flats, and more!! Whoa! Not so easy. So now what kind to choose?

I decided that I will try different kinds for this challenge. I will post where I got them from, and how much they are per dozen and if I find any great deals. I will post about how well they work, how easy they are wash, whether they stain easily and more.

In the week during this challenge there will be posts about how to fold, wash and care for your flat fold diapers, how to make your own, where to get the best and cheapest covers, and how to buy your own stash of flat folds and covers for $50-$75 or less. The week of May 23-30th is going to be very fun and informational! I can’t wait for my flats to start coming in the mail!!

I am still looking for sponsors for this event! I am looking for flat fold diapers, preferably WAHM made, and covers. I am also looking for sponsors that would like me to host a giveaway at the end of the week. In exchange for sponsoring for this event, I will advertise your company several times during the week in my posts, and I will place your ad on my blog for 6 months!

Looking forward to this challenge…


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